Smart trainers indoor cycling

The five best smart trainers for indoor all-season cycling!

Smart trainers for your bike have changed the indoor cycling world. What once was a dreaded snore-fest during the off-season has transformed how we...
Peloton Schedule feature

Schedule workouts and invite friends to join in with Peloton’s new feature

Peloton released a new feature this week that allows users to schedule workouts in advance and also lets them invite their friends to join...
cardio fitness score in Fitbit app

Cardio Fitness Levels on Fitbit: The Ultimate Guide

The cardio fitness levels on Fitbit watches are Fitbit's way of calculating whether you are fit or not – and precisely just how fit...
Hyundai P260 Smartwatch

Hyundai releasing a new Smartwatch (P260) with HR and Sleep Monitoring

Hyundai Corporation has decided to try out the wearables market with its launch of a new Smartwatch. The new Smartwatch P260 received its FCC...
mapped route from apple watch workout app

Apple Watch not capturing or tracking workout routes in Maps? Let’s fix it

Is your Apple Watch Workout app not showing you the route map after your run, walk, cycle, or other training using your Apple Watch?
Garmin Lactose Threshold

How do I run a Lactate Threshold Test on my Garmin smartwatch?

Knowing your lactate threshold is one of the best ways to improve your running performance. Many coaches will get their athletes to measure their...
Check Cycling Speed and metrics on Apple Watch

How to check your Cycling Speed on your Apple Watch running watchOS 9

The new watchOS 9 from Apple has some nifty features, including a feature that allows you to customize your workout views on your Apple...
Zwift pro tri race series

Zwift’s Z Pro Race series resuming this month with new format

Zwift, the global online training platform, is bringing back the Z Pro Tri Race Series this November.  The community can watch some of the best...

4 best fitness apps for wheelchair users

The topic of inclusivity (whether it's race, gender, physical ability, etc.) has become increasingly more talked about in today's society - which we love! The...
Suunto 9 Peak

Suunto 9 Peak, the thinnest smartwatch from Suunto yet!

Suunto has delivered its thinnest, toughest and smallest watch, the Suunto 9 Peak. The new watch is available now on the company’s website. The Suunto...



old school scale weight

5 best smart scales that work with the Fitbit app

For many people, part of managing their overall health and fitness includes weight loss or maintenance. There's been an increasing market for smart scales...