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MyHealthyApple began in 2017 as a small hobby project of mine (Amanda Elizabeth Jones Whittenberger) and has since grown into a blog that reaches hundreds of thousands of readers per month! 

Here’s my story on why I started MyHealthyApple Amanda About us image

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2015, I learned first hand that our health is our greatest wealth.

When I finally went into remission a few years later, I made it my mission to regain my health and stay healthy for the rest of my life.

One of the first things I did was purchase an Apple Watch wearable to track my exercise and heart rate, remind me to take a short breathing break every few hours, and help with all the little things to keep me connected to friends and family.

And I loved how easy it was to use! 

Plus, every year my Apple Watch kept adding features that really helped me regain my health—things like cardio fitness levels, ECG, menstrual cycle-tracking, the Noise app, and SpO2 measurement. 

My love affair with my Apple Watch quickly blossomed into a love of all types of wearables and eventually led to starting this blog.

At first, it was just me with a little on and off again help from some friends and family.  

Today, MyHealthyApple works with professional writers, trainers, physiotherapists and even has a couple of medical experts on-call to keep our articles accurate.

We believe in evidence-based content backed by science, so when it’s appropriate, you’ll see a list of sources and references at the bottom of many of our articles.

Working on MyHealthyApple allows me to leverage three pillars of my life education and experience:

  1. My formal education from Temple University (Masters) and Ithaca College (Bachelors) in media and communications
  2. My experience working in eLearning for an evidence-based healthcare and data sciences tech company (Bracket Life Sciences) 
  3. My time as a writer, content producer, and editor on the popular tech blog AppleToolBox

What I discover every day is how much potential wearable tech has in changing our lives for the better.

But one of the biggest hurdles is understanding how to use that technology and how to personalize it to augment our lives, not overtake it.

And that’s why the vision of MyHealthyApple is to make wearable tech easy to understand and use through reviews, guides, how-tos, and helpful tips.

Our coverage of wearable technology and digital wellbeing has been featured in the following top-rated publications.

  • macrumors.com
  • BusinessInsider.com
  • appleinsider.com
  • 9to5mac
  • cultofmac.com
  • Yahoo.com
  • Forbes
  • Sapo.pt
  • Gizmodo
  • sputniknews
  • hackernoon
  • techmeme
  • electrek.co
  • imore

and many more. 


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And finally!

Welcome to MyHealthyApple. I’m glad you stopped by.

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