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How to customize Apple Watch workout metrics

Easily customize Workout Metrics on your Apple Watch

Discover the ways you can customize your workout metrics for your Apple Watch for each workout and learn how to evaluate VO2 Max metrics
How to find six-minute walk score on Apple watch health

Use the six-minute walking test score (6MWT) on Apple Watch to...

Your Apple Watch helps collect many important biometrics such as resting heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), and VO2 max (maximal oxygen uptake) that...
learn how to cancel Fitbit paid subscriptions

Cancel Fitbit Premium or Coach using your iPhone, Android, computer, or...

If you signed up for one of Fitbit's paid subscriptions (Premium or Coach) and decide that you aren't using it enough, canceling it can...
in-app Fitbit customer support

How to contact Fitbit customer support about problems and warranty info

Need to speak to an actual person but can't find the customer support number, email address, or live chat options? Learn how to reach Fitbit Support


Fitbit continues to win several prestigious design awards

Fitbit has won several awards from the prestigious iF (World Design Guide). Recently the company had also design awards...

Apple respiratory study to explore if Apple Watch can detect early respiratory infections

Apple respiratory study has started recruiting participants. This study, which was announced last year is being conducted in collaboration...