Fitbit Inspire 2 screen resolutions and size

Fitbit continues to win several prestigious design awards

Fitbit has won several awards from the prestigious iF (World Design Guide). Recently the company also had design awards from the Red dot design...
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How to check your heart rate variability (HRV) on Fitbit

You likely pay attention to at least a few of your Fitbit's health metrics every day, but there's one little gem of data called heart...
Fitbit Inspire HR band irritation and rash

Fitbit irritating your skin or causing a rash? Let’s fix it!

Can a Fitbit cause skin irritation or rashes? Unfortunately, yes. Learn how to prevent your Fitbit from causing skin issues with our top tips
All about Fitbit's lifetime badges

Want or earned a badge or lifetime badge on Fitbit? Learn...

Who doesn't like getting awarded for good behavior? Quite a lot of people love accumulating Fitbit badges. Badges are an instant recognition of hitting...


Apple upgrades Fitness features and introduces the beautiful new Apple Watch Series 7

Apple announced the new Apple Watch Series 7 along with the latest iPhone models this week.  With a larger display,...

How to use the Irregular Heart Rhythm notification feature on Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a great device for monitoring your health and fitness. With alerts, notifications, and the ECG app,...