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apple health metrics on iPhone and watch

Apple Watch and NeuroCoach app to help improve spinal surgical care

There have been plenty of good outcomes when Apple and Stanford have collaborated in the past. In particular, the Stanford heart study proved that...
Best ketometers compatible with iPhone

5 Ketometers that work with iPhones

Ketometers are a great way to make sure that you are in ketosis because you want to lose weight with the keto diet, treat...
3 Best Blood Pressure Monitors to Use With Apple's Health App

5 Best Blood Pressure Apps For Monitoring and Tracking

Keeping track of your health is important no matter your age and fitness level. Prevention is always better than cure.And since modern technology allows...
activity on apple watch

Can an Apple Watch assess symptoms in cancer patients? National Cancer...

Can an Apple Watch help assess cancer symptoms, response to therapy, and quality of life for people with cancer? A NCI study asks just that


Mayo Clinic launches study with Muse-S to evaluate mindfulness based intervention for Fibromyalgia

The wearable headband Muse is popular with users who are looking for help with meditation and mindfulness practice. Mayo...

Amazfit readies its new T-Rex Pro Smartwatch

Amazfit is gearing up to release its new T-Rex “Pro” smartwatch. The company received FCC clearance for its latest...