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Blood Pressure Monitors

3 Best Blood Pressure Monitors to Use With Apple’s Health App

For some people measuring blood pressure is critical. We look at 3 of the most accurate & reliable iOS compatible blood pressure monitors on the market
Apple health app for Apple Watch and iPhone

How To Update Body Measurements on Your Apple Watch and iPhone

Apple Watch & iPhone's Health app allow you to easily update your body measurements like weight or height in one place. Update from kg to lbs or m to ft
Fitness app iOS 14 and watchOS 7

How to change your fitness goals on your Apple Watch using...

It's quite annoying when your Fitness tracker doesn't properly track your activity and progress. I mean, what's the point of all of the focus on...
apple watch strength training using other workout

Strength training using Apple Watch, a quick primer

Learn how you can monitor strength training and weight training using your Apple Watch. Discover the best third party app for your training