Apple Vision Pro could help teach the new generation of medical professionals

Apple Vision Pro on a gradient background

Apple Vision Pro is a futuristic platform for work and play, but a new article suggests it could also serve as an education platform for medical professionals.


The Vision Pro is Apple’s first spatial computer. It combines a wearable smart device with dual 4K displays for extended reality applications. From watching movies to interacting with the world around you in mixed reality, the device has a lot of practical applications.

However, a new report in the journal Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine suggests that Apple Vision Pro could also help bring up the next generation of medical professionals. As report authors Rajnish K Gupta and Amit Pawa point out, acquiring the skills to perform ultrasound-guided anesthesia is no small feat.

“The challenge is proficiency [in this type of anesthesia] necessitates an in-depth understanding of three-dimensional anatomy combined with hand-eye coordination with ultrasound and needle,” the authors note. “The situation is further complicated by the variety of blocks with multiple procedures with the patient in differing positions.”

Apple Vision Pro could help. There’s currently software that allows students to learn about human anatomy. However, technological limitations limit this type of learning to two dimensions.

“A learner could enter an immersive education experience with an expert instructor teaching a nerve block with ultrasound,” the authors write. “This immersive view can be supplemented with three-dimensional anatomical diagrams or artificial-intelligence enhanced overlays.”

More than that, the video conferencing capabilities of Apple Vision Pro could allow for remote and virtual education. In theory, the device could instantly “teleport” a student to a real-time workshop.

Apple Vision Pro proof of concept video

As a proof of concept, the authors even demonstrated the approach in a YouTube video.

Although Apple Vision Pro can help future anesthesiologists, there are wider implications for medical professionals. This type of virtual learning could help surgeons or other types of medical practitioners, too.

Of course, this virtual learning doesn’t need to stop at medicine. In theory, Apple Vision Pro could help you learn anything from cooking to playing an instrument.


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