Movano Smart ring is now available in time for the Holidays

Movano Ring 2022

Movano Health has started accepting orders for its new Evie Ring, a new smart ring designed to focus on women’s health. 

The product is marketed as an alternative offer in the wearable technology market, offering health and fitness monitoring features specifically tailored for women.

The Evie Ring is now available for purchase exclusively through for $269 and no subscription fees.

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Notable Features of Evie Smart Ring

Movano Evie Ring features

The Evie smart ring for women comes with the following notable features:

  1. A multi-day battery with 4+ days of battery life on a single 60-minute charge. Evie’s compact portable charging case holds 10+ ring charges so you can go about life hassle-free.  
  1. Biometric sensors on the ring help measure sleep, activity, temperature trends, SpO2, and heart rate.
  1. The ring’s surface is made with scratch-resistant liquid metal, and the ring dynamically adjusts to the shape of your ring.

Regarding women’s health, the Movano Smart Ring can track a user’s period and menstrual symptoms to understand ovulation timing better and estimate fertile windows.

Last month, Movano announced the results of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved blood pressure clinical study. 

Movano Health’s prototype, which incorporated its SoC, demonstrated accuracy within the standards recognized by the FDA for blood pressure monitoring devices. 

The Company’s algorithm for blood pressure monitoring utilized data from its prototype system combined with the subject’s demographic information and a recent blood pressure reading. The current smart ring does not have blood pressure monitoring features since it has yet to receive FDA approval.

The Movano smart ring Evie can now be ordered directly from the Company’s website and ships in January 2024.

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