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Whoop for heart failure management

WHOOP positioning as a clinical tool for Heart Failure management

Researchers at the Milton Hersey Medical center are currently evaluating if WHOOP as a device can be used as a clinical tool for heart...
low recovery on WHOOP

Consecutive low recoveries on Whoop? Improve your recovery with these tips

Recovery. It’s a concept and series of metrics highly regarded by athletes and fitness trainers like myself. I often tell my clients to listen to...
Training today app for HRV training apple watch

3 best wearables to analyze, train and improve your HRV

The advent of heart rate monitoring on smartwatches and fitness bands has dramatically increased consumer awareness around HRV (Heart rate variability) over the last...
low recovery on WHOOP

Fitbit vs Whoop for your workout recovery. Which is better?

Are you still soared from last week’s training? Despite overtraining being a well-known condition among hardcore athletes, very few people know about its equally...


Fitbit continues to win several prestigious design awards

Fitbit has won several awards from the prestigious iF (World Design Guide). Recently the company had also design awards...

Apple respiratory study to explore if Apple Watch can detect early respiratory infections

Apple respiratory study has started recruiting participants. This study, which was announced last year is being conducted in collaboration...