Health Trends in iOS 15 provide actionable insights through highlights and notifications

Apple Health Trends details on iOS 15

Starting with iOS 15, Apple has introduced automatic trend detection in the health app. The Trend analysis feature has now been expanded for 20 types of data — ranging from resting heart rate to sleep to cardio fitness — so users can easily see how a given metric is progressing. 

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How to use the Trends Feature on the Health App in iOS 15

  1. Start by launching the Health app on your iPhone running iOS 15
  2. Navigate to the Summary tab and locate ‘Trends.’Setup and use Apple Health Trends on iOS 15
  3. The default setting is “Show All Trends.” Tap on this.
  4. The Health Trends screen now displays the Trends across different metricsApple Health Trends details on iOS 15

Apple has also included a detail section associated with each of these metrics that you see on the Trends summary screen. The summary screen groups all trends into two distinct categories. All the metrics that have a ‘Consistent’ trend are grouped, and any metric where there is slippage will be highlighted in a new section.

When you tap on any one of these metrics, you are shown a detailed screen that not only shows you the trend results for weekly. Monthly, six-month, and yearly values provide you with automated ‘Highlights’ that are very insightful.

If you monitor the number of steps you manage to hit for your health/fitness goal, you can see the trends across different timelines.Weekly monthly and yearly trends on iOS 15

Tap on ‘Show All’ next to Highlights to see detailed highlight analysis by week, month, or year. Check Apple Health Highlights

For example, if you were to check your average exercise minutes, the Highlights screen shows you how you have been faring weekly or monthly. If you were looking for some motivation to increase the duration of your exercise, this might be the place to stop by.

Beyond the basic trends that you see in the Health app, you can also customize it to so that it can highlight long-term changes in health. Whether you want to celebrate progress toward a goal or discuss a worrisome trend with a doctor or care team, the trend notification report makes it easy.

How to enable or disable Trend Notifications in iOS 15 Health app

Setting up personalized trend notifications will go a long way in managing your health. You can keep tabs on goals, like increasing running distance or mindful minutes. 

For those looking to monitor insights across areas like insulin delivery, trend analysis applies to data from third-party devices connected to the Health app.

  1. From the Trends overview screen, tap on ‘Manage NotificationsApple Health Trends details on iOS 15
  2. Here you can set up notifications for new health records such as lab results.Enable or disable Health Trends Notifications in IOS 15
  3. Also, enable the notification feature associated with Trends

You can disable the Health Trends-related notifications directly from this screen.

Please note that the Trend notification feature discussed above is separate from ‘Walking Steadiness Notifications.’ To set that up, you will have to navigate to ‘Mobility’ and set it up there. How to setup Walking Steadiness notification feature in iOS 15

Maintaining one’s personal wellness requires tracking changes in health, which can be subtle and easy to miss. Apple’s new Trends feature is a new way to intelligently and proactively highlight important changes related to your health.


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