Nintendo gets approval for a new wireless controller

Nintendo jump rope challenge

Nintendo has been in the news quite a bit for all the right reasons. The company has announced that it will be bringing three classic games to the Switch in an attempt to boost Holiday sales.

Remastered versions of the games, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy were announced by Nintendo on Thursday (09/03/2020).

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The company also received approval for a ‘new’ wireless game controller on the same day.

Nintendo wireless controller september 2020

Given, the confidentiality of the FCC filing, it’s hard to ascertain the detailed specs of this wireless game controller.Nintendo new wireless controller approved

This new wireless game controller does come on the heels of success of a very different type of Nintendo initiative that was launched in June, 2020 called Nintendo Jump Rope Challenge.Nintendo jump rope challenge

This exergaming nintendo adventure is a fitness video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. In the game, the player is encouraged to “jump a skipping rope”, by performing motions using the Joy-Con controllers, every day a specified number of times. A very simple exercise tool developed using Unity that encouraged users working from home during lockdown to stay fit and healthy.

A guess would be that the new wireless controller from Nintendo has some additional exergaming features that would encourage users to stay healthy and fit. 

Chances are that the new wi-fi game controller is an Enhanced Wireless controller that is being added to coincide with the new classic game releases that were announced this past Thursday.Nintendo enhanced wireless controllers

This will simply add one more product variant to the existing wireless controllers for Nintendo switch or the company could be bundling a new pro controller with the Super Mario odyssey release.

It is hard to figure out the details around the specs of this new controller but we hope that it brings additional health/fitness features, given the success of the Jump Rope challenge and Joy-con controllers earlier this year.

Fans are also anticipating an upgraded version of the Switch next year which is expected to have more computing power and embedded 4K graphics.

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