Ophthalmologist uses iPhone, AirDrop and slit lamp microscopes to monitor eye diseases

Tommy Korm iPhone ophthalmology

Tommy Korn MD, an ophthalmologist and mobile health innovations expert at Sharp Health Care shared a very interesting project today on his social feed.

He showcased a hack that uses an iPhone, AirDrop, and slit-lamp microscopes to monitor eye diseases in patients.

According to Tommy’s comments, this simple hack achieves the following:

  1. Sharing data with patients puts them in control and values privacy
  2. Easier to find data faster on Apple iPhones than slow EMRs
  3. Patients ❤️ engagement w Sharp HealthCare physician curators & can visualize their own health conditions. 

And yes it works.

Tommy expressed his thanks to the Apple Education team and his kids for teaching him Clips app so that he could document the whole process and share it on his linkedin feed.

Sharp healthcare Tommy Korn MD

And yes it works according to the video embedded in his post.

Tommy expressed his thanks to the Apple Education team and his kids for teaching him Clips app so that he could document the whole process and share it on his Linkedin feed.

Check out this amazing video that Tommy put together on his feed.


Tommy has been spearheading the Apple experience for Ophthalmologists at Sharp Healthcare.

He is the Physician creator and champion for the Sharp Health Companion app using mobile smartphone technologies to enrich and enhance the patient healthcare experience. 

Tommy and team at Sharp developed a peri-operative app that was based on Apple’s CareKit platform.

The Sharp Health Companion app guides patients during their PRE and POST surgery experience with medication and activity reminders, self-assessment health activities, insights and notifications, and simple connectivity with healthcare team members. 

The friendly and intuitive UI is designed to transform patients’ iPhones into a “pocket health companion” – this results in a patient healthcare experience with great clinical outcomes, reduced complications, and improved access. 

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