A smart dog bowl and a wearable for your pet. Why not?

Petbiz smart bowl and wearable

Our Pets count among our most lovable companions in our household. Obesity can be a silent killer for our household dogs and cats.

In the US, obesity is the most common preventable disease in dogs. Approximately 25-30% of the general canine population is obese. And an additional 40-45% of dogs aged 5-11 years old weigh more than normal.

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Keep tabs on how much your dog eats!

Using body weight as a guide, dogs are considered overweight when they weigh 10-20% above their ideal body weight. They are considered obese when they weigh 20% or above their ideal body weight.

If your family Fido has been gaining a few pounds of late and is always rushing to the food bowl, you may want to explore a smart food bowl along with an associated wearable.

Petbiz smart bowl and wearable

Recently, Petbiz introduced a new Healthkit targeted at solving this exact problem. The new platform aims at keeping your pets healthy and fit.

According to Petbiz,

“Our Wearable is like an Apple Watch for pets, it keeps track of how many calories they’ve burned to inform the meal plans, and built-in GPS keeps them safe outside. 

The Petbiz Healthkit takes the guesswork out of mealtime by creating custom nutrition plans with a bowl that tells you how much to feed. “

The app calculates how much food your specific pet should eat from the favorite brand you’re feeding them.

It looks at the amount of protein, grain, and calories inside your preferred brand and, based on that, recommends how much they should eat.

smart food bowl for dogs

The Smart Bowl for your Pet

The exact food amount is then sent to the Smart Bowl automatically, which tells you how much you should pour and displays the weight as you fill the bowl.

When you’ve filled in the suggested amount for your pet, the indicator light turns green, so you don’t have to remember exact measurements. When you’re over, it will turn red, telling you you’re giving more than recommended.

PETBIZ Smart Bowl for Pets, Stainless Pet Bowl with Built-in Digital Scale, Feeding Suggestion (Jet Black)
  • SCALE & DISPLAY - Petbiz Smart Bowl has a built-in scale and display, showing you exactly how much...
  • CUSTOMIZED FEEDING SUGGESTIONS- The feeding advice on the back of the pack doesn't give you enough...

The actual bowl is splash-proof, durable, and made of anti-bacterial material. You can remove the inner stainless bowl and safely clean it.

The PETBIZ G20 GPS wearable for your dog or cat

The wearable has a GPS tracker, and an e-fence feature monitors vital signs and keeps track of historical activity data.

Think of it as an Apple Watch that is easy to charge and affordable for your pets.

You can choose to pay $3.99 a month if you pay for two years in advance. Or pay $6.99 if you prefer to renew every month.

This pet wearable, combined with the Smart Bowl, is a complete Health Management System and the most effective way to manage your pet’s weight, health, and fitness at home.

And it doesn’t just work for dogs. It’s also suitable for cats that are nine lbs/4kg and over to give you the same awesome features as your feline friend.

Considering a smart bowl or wearable for your family pet?

Let us know your thoughts using the comments below.

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