Amazon working on a new ‘Ring’ wearable that features Alexa integration

Amazon Ring wearable

The concept of Ring-shaped wearable is not new. Oura Ring has become a favorite for many users looking for a less obtrusive wearable device that helps monitor wellness.


Amazon is planning on introducing its own version of the ‘Ring’ using Alexa!

As per a newly released patent, published on June 9th, the Seattle based company is exploring a Ring-shaped wearable. The patent outlines a ring that features Alexa integration and allows users to communicate via voice and text.

Amazon Ring wearable

By using the ‘Ring’ wearable, the company plans on exploring devices with reduced footprints and/or smaller form factors. Requirements include maintaining all the necessary functionality of a wearable. Strategically, Amazon is exploring more ways to put its popular voice assistant Alexa on as many devices as it can.

As per Amazon, this ring-shaped devices may be configured to detect voice input and may be configured to wirelessly communicate with other electronic devices.

For example, in some instances, a user may be unable or unwilling to take a smartphone out of the user’s pocket or bag. However, the user may wish to set a timer, send a message, or perform another task.

Using the Amazon Ring, the user may speak a voice command to the ring-shaped device. And the ring-shaped device may send the voice command to the user’s smartphone or another device. 

The user may therefore not have to physically interact with the smartphone. Other examples of functionality include using Amazon Ring to control other electronic devices, such as televisions, stereos, content streaming devices, and so forth, sending voice messages, receiving information, and other functionality. 

Amazon smart ring wearable

The central idea is to use an all-metal housing, that houses curved and/or flexible batteries.

This housing should contain other electronic components as well.

As per the patent, sub-components inside the Ring may include noise-canceling microphones, speakers, and/or other components. 

Unlike the Oura Ring which focusses primarily on health and fitness, the Amazon Ring is currently being designed more as a communication extension which will be powered by Alexa.

It is becoming very clear that Amazon is pursuing new and interesting ways that users interface with Alexa.

Given some of the recent interest around using Alexa in wellness, Amazon may very well integrate health sensors and or other wellness facets into this wearable if and when it decides to launch this product into the market.

Are you currently an Oura Ring user? What is that one best feature of Oura that you love the most?

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