Apple announces new health and fitness features with iOS 16 and watchOS 9

watchOS 9 health and fitness features

Kevin Lynch from Apple provided updates on what is coming down the pipeline for watchOS 9.

To start, Apple is adding four new watch faces in the new Apple Watch operating system. With watch OS 9, there are a lot of features that are intended to keep you active and healthy.

Here are the top 14 features discussed at Apple’s 2022 WWDC event.

  1. Activity Rings widget available on your lock screen – iOS 16 will now allow users to customize their lock screen more flexibly. You can now include your activity rings right on your lock screen.
  2. Focus now allows users to select an Apple Watch face to automatically appear when they start a specific Focus on iPhone, such as the Photos face during a Personal Focus, helping users stay in the moment.
  3. Appleā€™s new Safety check – New settings in iOS 16 that let you restrict access. A new privacy feature called Safety Check allows users to disable location and data when they attempt to halt an abusive relationship.
  4. Running – Apple is improving the Apple Watch experience for runners. Apple is adding stride length and ground contact.  New custom workout to improve your running. Target heart zone will also be available. You will be able to race against your last or best time when you hit the familiar trail. The new metrics Stride Length, Ground Contact Time, and Vertical Oscillation can be added as metrics on Workout Views.
  5. Workout app introduces Custom Workouts, which can be used to create a structured workout that can include work and rest intervals. New alerts, including pace, power, heart rate, and cadence, can be added to guide users throughout the workout.Apple WatchOS 9 health and fitness features
  6. For triathletes, the Workout app now supports a new Multisport workout type that automatically switches between swimming, biking, and running workouts, using motion sensors to recognize movement patterns.
  7. Cardio Recovery feature – Apple Watch will now offer a Cardio Recovery feature. Unlike other smartwatch companies, Apple did not have a feature that showed you recovery metrics. This is changing with watchOS 9. Users will now be able to see their cardio recovery scores and adjust their training loads accordingly.
  8. Swimming – Kickboard detection has been added as a new stroke type for Pool Swim workouts, using sensor fusion on Apple Watch to automatically detect when users are swimming with a kickboard and classify the stroke type in the workout
  9. Fitness+ subscribers without Apple TV can now use AirPlay to stream workouts and meditations with on-screen metrics to compatible third-party TVs and devices, allowing them to train anywhere, anytime.
  10. For iPhone users in iOS 16, The fitness app will be available to all iPhone users who do not use an Apple Watch. You can receive coaching tips and monitor your walking and more without owning an Apple Watch.
  11. Apple Watch becomes more accessible than ever for people with physical and motor disabilities with Apple Watch Mirroring, which helps users control Apple Watch remotely from their paired iPhone.
  12. The Sleep app is getting a facelift. Apple is bringing Sleep stages into the Apple Watch experience. You will now be able to see the sleep periods for REM, Core, and Deep.
  13. The FDA recently granted clearance for Apple’s Afib History. When it comes to heart health, watchOS 9 can now track your time in Afib. It shows you the time of the day when Afib is more of an issue.Medication reminders on Apple Watch watchOS 9
  14. Medications – Apple is making it easier to track medicines you take with watchOS 9. You can log in to the medications that you are taking. Rich complications will help remind patients to take their drugs on time. This new feature will also have information on medication interactions and medication interactions like alcohol.

What are some new features that you are excited to use on your Apple Watch? 


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