Apple Fitness+ and AirPlay: works with some limitations

Apple Fitness+ any screen, anywhere, anytime fitness for all

One of the biggest user complaints when Apple Fitness+ initially released was its lack of AirPlay support. Folks could only watch their Fitness+ workouts on Apple devices, like iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs. Apple fitness+ devices

That meant seeing the workout videos on a larger screen wasn’t possible for users with iPhones and Apple Watches but not Apple TVs or iPads.

But no more!

With the latest betas of iOS and watchOS, Apple listened to its Fitness+ users and included a way to AirPlay your Fitness+ videos to a non-Apple device, like a large TV using AirPlay 2.

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See your Fitness+ metrics on compatible third‑party devices

With iOS 16 and watchOS 9, Apple finally expands the real-time onscreen metrics to AirPlay from your Apple Watch to other compatible screens and devices! 

Plus, with the release of iOS 16.1+, Apple is finally allowing folks to subscribe to Apple Fitness+ who own iPhones (iPhone 8+) without a paired Apple Watch and track their Move goals! all you need is iPhone to use Apple Fitness+

However, there are some limitations when AirPlaying Apple Fitness+ to those non-Apple devices

The main limitation is the availability of your real-time metrics showing up on your AirPlay-compatible device.

Specifically, your workout metrics like calories burned, heart rate, Burn Bar, activity rings, and countdown timers DON’T show up on many third-party screens, large or small. 

  • Using watchOS 7.3 through watchOS 8 and iOS 14.5 through iOS 15, Fitness+ users can stream audio and video from Fitness+ workouts to AirPlay 2–enabled TVs and devices but won’t see any of their metrics on those screens.
  • With watchOS 9 or later and iOS 16 or later, you might see your metric onscreen with an AirPlay 2–enabled TV or another device–but not all AirPlay 2 devices are compatible with onscreen metrics.

So when you AirPlay your Fitness+ class to a supported television, you may need to check your Apple Watch to see those metrics. Apple Fitness+ vs others

However, you will always get BOTH picture and sound when AirPlaying your Fitness+ classes to a supported device–so that’s good news!

And your television (or another device) must support AirPlay 2. You should see a label on these smart television that it Works with Apple AirPlay. * AirPlay 2-compatible smart TVs2 with the label "Works with Apple AirPlay"

Devices that supported the original AirPlay are not supported, at least not yet.

Check Apple’s list of Airplay 2 supported devices if you are unsure whether your current television supports this feature.

Does your TV not support AirPlay 2?

If your TV doesn’t support AirPlay 2, you can connect your iPad with a USB-C port to your TV with a USB C to HDMI cable. 

Unfortunately, this won’t work for iPhones, iPod Touch, or any iPad with a lightning port, not a USB-C port. For whatever reason, you cannot watch Apple Fitness+ using a Lightning to HDMI cable.

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