New smartwatches unveiled during 2021 CES week

Fossil Gen 5 Battery improvements
Image Source: Fossil

The start of CES 2021 this week brings many new Smartwatch and Fitness tracker announcements.

Here are some of the Smartwatch updates to start your week.

1. Fossil releasing new Gen 5 Fossil LTE watch

Fossil is releasing two new Gen 5 smartwatches on the 3100 chipset platform and adding LTE support. 

As far as the LTE itself goes, these watches will be compatible with Verizon in the US and can be set up completely through the Wear OS app.

Pricing for Fossil Gen 5 LTE lands at $349. 

The new LTE variant’s design specs are essentially similar to the existing Fossil Gen 5, but the buttons on the watch appear to be slimmer. 

We are unsure if any upgrades have been done to the battery specs on the new LTE variant. This will be important as the LTE feature will draw in additional batteries and lead to a frustrating experience if not handled properly.

2. Skagen unveils new e-ink Hybrid smartwatch

Fossil Brand announced a brand new Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR this week.  

The e-ink display also allows the Jorn with the Always-on-Display and provides a 2-week battery life between charges. 

The new Skagen Jorn will retail for $195 and be available in 42mm and 38 mm.

3. Amazfit announces two new Smartwatches with extra-long battery life

Amazfit had added more products to its lineup.

The GTR 2e and GTS 2e smartwatches are the newest addition to the existing smartwatch line-up from Amazfit.

The new entrants promise an ultra-thin design and an extra-long battery life, amongst other features.

The GTR 2e comes with an Always-on-Display and still supports 24 days of battery life with typical use and 45 days with basic use.

amazfit GTS 2e and GTR 2e

The watches provide 24 hour HR monitoring, support for 90+ activity tracking, and SpO2 monitoring.

Both the new watches will be priced, starting at $139.00, and available via Amazon.

So far, all the wearOS announcements have been based on the 3100 chipsets. We are disappointed to see that none of the popular brands have released any models with 4100 chipsets. The Amazfit product details were already available, so the only surprising news is that the Fossil Gen 5 gets an LTE variant.

OnePlus launches Fitness Band

OnePlus fans will be happy to know that the company launched a fitness tracker this week.

The 1.1 inch AMOLED fitness tracker is being released in India and features a heart rate tracker and a blood oxygen sensor. The OnePlus Band is expected to provide a 14-day battery and is IP 68

Stay Tuned as we bring you new updates around wearables from CES!

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