The SleepScore Max can help change how you track your sleep

In today’s day and age, there are a lot of gadgets and apps available to help you get better sleep every night. However, most of these require you to wear something or have your phone placed under your sheets.

There seems to be a new wave of products coming which offer “contact-free sleep monitoring”. One such device is the SleepScore Max from SleepScore Labs.

The SleepScore Max is a device designed for contact-free sleep monitoring, making it possible for you to not be tied to any devices while asleep. However, you’re likely wondering how this works and if it can actually work.

Essentially, you place the SleepScore Max on your nightstand next to your bed. While you sleep, the device will use sound waves to establish your sleeping habits and patterns.

The accompanying app will then communicate with the device to provide you a slew of information. Here are some of the key features described by SleepScore:

  • SleepScore: A nightly 0–100 score calculating the length and quality of your sleep with SleepScore by ResMed technology, validated with what it believes is the largest comparative PSG dataset of any sleep tracking technology, along with a large number of peer-reviewed scientific publications. A more detailed view is provided in the form of a sleep graph.
  • Sleep Guide: Personalized, science-based advice in the iOS app, triggered by an individual’s sleep data and based on a review of more than 600 clinical papers. Users can also set sleep goals, track weekly progress, and receive comprehensive sleep reports to share with their doctor. The Sleep Guide has been refined over four years, analyzing 2.7 million nights of data.
  • Smart Alarm: Designed to gently wake an individual at the right time in their sleep, so they feel refreshed and ready for the day when they get out of bed.
  • Recommended Solutions: SleepScore Max recommends sleep solutions, such as bedroom lighting, digital sleep therapies, soothing pillows and more, tailored to an individual’s sleep profile and only where the data suggests they may help. Every recommendation has shown to improve sleep and has been evaluated by SleepScore Labs.

This technology also comes from the folks at ResMed and analyzes other aspects. These include the room light, temperature, and other factors.

Being able to accurately track your sleep is of utmost importance. That’s why SleepScore used data from 10 years of research and uses an algorithm “based on data gathered from almost 2.7 million nights of sleep and research”.

The SleepScore Max has been available for a few months and is only priced at $149.99. Compared to something like the Fitbit Versa, that’s a few dollars cheaper, and you won’t have anything strapped to your wrist.



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