Digital Health app Cutback Coach raises $3.1 million to promote healthier drinking habits

Cutback coach digital health

Cutback coach, a digital health app that helps users build healthier drinking habits (reduce alcohol dependency) raises $3.1 million from leading venture firms.

Stephanie Palmeri of Uncork Capital led the funding. 

Other investors in the round include Nico Wittenborn of Adjacent; James Park, Founder of Fitbit; Mike Lee, Founder of MyFitnessPal; Logan Green, Founder and CEO of Lyft; Nir Eyal, author of Hooked and Indistractable; and angel investor Kevin Carter, among others.

“Alcohol plays a big role in our culture, but until now, the vast majority of solutions have focused on drinkers who are looking to quit entirely.”, said Nick Allen, Co-Founder, and CEO of Cutback Coach

“We saw a gap in the market for alcohol health and set out to build a proactive approach to help the 47% of US adults who want to reduce their alcohol consumption, but enjoy drinking and don’t feel the need to quit entirely. Cutback Coach is creating a new wellness category around proactive alcohol health by connecting the dots for people about the role that alcohol plays in overall health and wellness.”

The unique digital health app leverages proven behavioral psychology strategies to support users in balancing their drinking to achieve health benefits, including better sleep, weight loss, increased productivity, and more energy.

The app focuses on delivering its messages entirely via 2-way text message, providing an easy yet effective daily participation method.

According to the company’s press release, during the six-month beta program, in which thousands tested the product, users achieved a 29% average reduction in their weekly alcohol consumption after 4 weeks with Cutback Coach.

The effects of excessive consumption of alcohol readily show up today on numerous wearables.

Whether you are using your Fitbit tracker or Whoop wearable to monitor your fitness “recovery” scores, you can clearly see the impact of alcohol causes on your resting heart rate and associated recovery metrics. 

Many users have increased their alcohol consumption during the last year for various reasons. As you move into 2021 and look for better habits to help you stay fit and healthy, feel free to check out the service offerings offered by Cutback Coach.

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I am a technologist with years of experience with Apple and wearOS products, have a BS in Computer Science and an MBA specializing in emerging tech, and owned the popular site AppleToolBox. In my day job, I advise Fortune 500 companies with their digital transformation strategies and also consult with numerous digital health startups in an advisory capacity. I'm VERY interested in exploring the digital health and fitness-tech evolution and keeping a close eye on patents, FDA approvals, strategic partnerships, and developments happening in the wearables and digital health sector. When I'm not writing or presenting, I run with my Apple Watch Ultra or Samsung Galaxy Watch and closely monitor my HRV and other recovery metrics.


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