Globant launches ‘Earn Your Apple Watch” health initiative

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Globant, an IT and software development, founded in 2003, announced a new initiative called ‘BeHealthy’ today.

This is a new program that launches the Earn your Apple Watch app, an initiative that offers companies the opportunity to help customers, members, or employees improve their health and wellness.

Monitor Heart Rate Variability on Apple Watch

According to Globant’s press release, the program will be available in two modes:

  • Earn Your Apple Watch – participants can earn refunds toward the cost of a new Apple Watch by being active and meeting monthly exercise goals.
  • Earn With Apple Watch – participants can earn rewards or unlock discounts by being active and meeting monthly exercise goals. Rewards can be vouchers for goods or services or credits toward larger purchases or discounts offered by the sponsoring organization. This mode can also be integrated with companies’ existing rewards platforms.

The Earn Your Apple Watch program can be customized and absorbed by any company that wants to contribute to the wellness of its employees and customers by encouraging physical activity. 

The app can help users make better choices, adopt healthy habits, and achieve exercise goals.

Planned new features to support preventative care and health management for conditions such as pre-diabetes and hypertension are already underway.

“Technology can empower consumers to have greater awareness of their health and well-being choices so they can make better decisions. By using Apple Watch, these tools can be used to incentivize better health decisions and outcomes, saving companies money while improving the livelihoods of consumers and employees,” said Nicolás Avila, Chief Technology Officer of Globant.

A pilot of the program was launched in April by Canada-based retailer London Drugs, as LDExtras Achieve, an extension of their loyalty reward program. 

The BeHealthy program launches Thursday with a new tool that Globant developed with the help of Apple.

Source: Globant Press Release 

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