Google launching a Digital Wellbeing study to examine effects of smartphone use

Google Health announced today that they are launching a new study to examine the effects of smartphones on mental and physical wellbeing.

The new study will be conducted in partnership with the University of Oregon and is limited to US-based participants.

You can join the study by downloading Google Health Studies app onto your mobile device and joining the Digital Wellbeing study.

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Google Health Studies lets you securely contribute to health research studies with leading institutions, right from your phone. Volunteer for studies that matter to you and represent your community. You can volunteer for multiple studies via this one app. 

Prior to this effort with the University of Oregon, Google had launched a study focused on respiratory health in partnership with Harvard Medical School.

Both Google and Apple have been launching several health studies over the years in conjunction with leading universities. 

Apple’s heart health study in partnership with Stanford University and the effort to understand hearing health in partnership with the University of Michigan are examples of this.

As wearable capabilities expand into digital health-related initiatives and algorithm developments and the discovery of novel digital biomarkers continue, we will see more engagement in this vertical from big tech companies with solid data science experience.

Big tech is definitely on the frontlines of using technology to assist with healthcare issues.


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