How to move your Fitbit account to a Google account

Fitbit app Move fitbit to google account in new Fitbit app

With Google now at the helm of Fitbit, the company is asking Fitbit account members to transfer their accounts to a Google Account on Fitbit.

While new Fitbit purchases and new Fitbit owners automatically use a Google account (the option to create a Fitbit account is gone), existing Fitbit account users can now move their Fitbit account to a Google Account. 

While Google recommends moving your Fitbit account now, you have until 2025 to make this change–that’s the year Google stops supporting Fitbit accounts. At that point, you’ll need to use a Google account to continue using your Fitbit.

Although you have some time to make this switch, let’s take a look at how you transfer your Fitbit account to your Google account (or create a new Google account.)

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Transferring your Fitbit account (and all its data) to a Google account

The good news is that moving your Fitbit account to a Google account only takes a couple of minutes and preserves all your historical data from that Fitbit account. The Fitbit app guides you through the process, so you aren’t likely to make a mistake.

There is one caveat, however. You cannot undo your account exchange. So once you complete the transition from a Fitbit to a Google account, you cannot go back to using that old Fitbit account.

So if you change your mind while you’re in the process of migrating your account, you can press Exit and cancel the move to Google anytime until you complete the final step in the transfer.

Additionally, Fitbit does not support all Google account types–it must be a personal account. If you use a Google Workspace account or your child has a supervised account, you must choose a different Google Account or create a new one.

Why you might want to hold off migrating your Fitbit account to a Google account

If you follow a lot of family members’ or friends’ step counts and the leaderboards in the Fitbit app, you might want to hold off moving your account until most of your friends migrate their accounts.

That’s because the accounts won’t talk to each other–Fitbit account friends and family can only talk to other Fitbit accounts, and Google Accounts on Fitbit friends and family can only talk to other Google account friends.

Given that, we suggest you wait until all or most of your family members and friends get the prompt to move their accounts before you proceed with moving your own account.

If you decide to switch your Fitbit account to Google, you’ll see a message that your friends are not available until they switch to a Google account. Fitbit app profile not available yet with Google Fitbit account

Additionally, some third-party apps aren’t connecting (such as Peloton), and some users report difficulties when setting up a Family Account with their Google account. It appears that Google doesn’t yet support family accounts for Fitbit.

So for family accounts, we recommend keeping your Fitbit account for now and not going through the Google account migration. According to Google, family accounts are not yet supported, but parents and their children will be able to move their Fitbit accounts to Google together soon.

Are you worried about losing years worth of Fitbit data?

If you’re concerned that years of data might get lost in the migration to Google, we suggest you export your Fitbit account data before you migrate. 

Exported data includes your profile, social posts, well-being programs, and health, sleep, nutrition, and activity records for the entire time you’ve used that Fitbit account.

You use Fitbit’s online dashboard to export data, not the Fitbit app.

  1. Open an internet browser and go to Fitbit’s account site.
  2. Log into your account using your Fitbit credentials. 
  3. On your dashboard, tap the gear icon at the top right corner and choose Settings. Fitbit account dashboard Settings
  4. From the left sidebar, select Data Export.
    Fitbit account dashboard Settings
  5. Under Export Your Account Archive, choose Request Data. Fitbit online account request data export
  6. Fitbit sends you an email to the address associated with your Fitbit account. Open the email and tap Confirm Export Request. Sign in with your Fitbit account credentials again if asked. Data export request for Fitbit account
  7. Wait for Fitbit to create the export. Fitbit sends an email that it started your data export. 
  8. Depending on how much data your account has, this process could take a few minutes to a few hours. Once done, Fitbit sends another email with a link to download your Fitbit account data. Fitbit account download data
  9. Once the export is ready, download and save the data file to your computer within seven days. For Fitbit family accounts, Fitbit sends separate folders for each child’s account.

Steps to move your Fitbit account to Google 

The key to getting your Google account to mirror your Fitbit account is to make sure you allow Google access to all the permissions to fully integrate the accounts!

  1. Update the Fitbit app in the App Store or Google Play–you need version 3.83 or higher version of the app to get the option to move your account to Google. Update the Fitbit app
  2. Open the Fitbit app and look for a notification to Move your account to Google. Tap the option to Move account. Migrate your Fitbit account to a Google Account notification
    1. If you don’t see it, tap the Settings Gear icon at the top right. Fitbit app top settings, messages, and devices
    2. If you still don’t see any option to move your account, your account may not yet be eligible to move to a Google Account.
  3. Review the brief description and tap Get started. If you decide you’re not ready, tap Maybe later. Fitbit to Google account get started prompt in Fitbit app
  4. There are three steps to moving your account from Fitbit to Google: selecting your Google account, confirming your Fitbit setup, and finally, reviewing how Google uses your Fitbit’s data and formally agreeing to move your account. Again, you can press Exit to stop this process any time up until the final agreement. Steps to migrate your Fitbit account to a Google account
  5. For Step 1, tap Choose your Google Account and select your Google account. Select a Google account to move Fitbit account to
    1. If the account it shows is not the one you want, tap the arrow icon to show more accounts or add a different account. 
    2. To create a new Google account, tap Add another account and choose to create a new account, then follow the steps to create that new Google account before going back to the Fitbit app.
  6. For Step 2, tap Review and confirm your Fitbit setup. Fitbit account to Google account step 2
    1. Tap Manage for each category to review the data that’s in your Fitbit account. Fitbit to Google account review data
      1. You can also delete data you don’t want to migrate to your Google account. You’ll keep all historical data that you choose to move to your Google Account.
    2. Press Continue.
    3. Review your connected Fitbit and Google devices. Choose Disconnect if you don’t want a device to connect to your Google account. Then, press Continue. Fitbit to Google account review devices to connect
    4. Take a look at the apps that currently connect to your Fitbit account. Select Disconnect if you don’t want to connect that app to your Google account. Then, press Continue. Fitbit to Google accounts review connected apps
    5. Review how you want Google to notify you with news, updates, and more for your Fitbit. Toggle off anything you don’t want. Once done, press Continue. Fitbit to Google account review notification settings
      1. Tap Update notification preferences to see more options for push and email notifications for things like low battery warnings, new badges, friend requests, and more. Fitbit to Google account push notification settings
    6. For Step 3, tap Review how Google uses Fitbit data and agree to move. Fitbit to Google account step 3
      1. Scroll down and read through how Google uses your Fitbit data and manages your privacy.
      2. In the consent section, tap each box to agree and consent to give Google your permission to transfer your data, its terms of service, and the arbitration notice. You must agree to all the consents. Fitbit to Google account agree to move account
      3. Tap Agree & move. Once tapped, you cannot undo the transfer. Wait for the app to move your Fitbit account to your Google account, and press Got it. Fitbit premium members may need to reactivate it. From now on, log in to the Fitbit app using your Google account.
      4. If you disagree with one or more of the consents, tap Exit to keep your Fitbit account and not migrate to Google. You can use your Fitbit account until 2025 and can move it over to Google anytime between now and then. Exit Fitbit to Google account migration process

Once you make this move, remember to log in with your Google account, not your Fitbit account. If you try logging in with your old Fitbit account, you see a message that says your account was moved to your Google account and to use your Google account to log in.

Data missing after moving your Fitbit account to your Google account?

Google says that all your historical data from your Fitbit should transfer over to your Google account for Fitbit as long as you allow Google to import the data when switching over from your Fitbit account to your Google account (step 2.)

Depending on how much data you have, it could take up to 48 hours to complete this data transfer.

Unable to move your Fitbit Account to a Google Account?

First, update the Fitbit app to version 3.83 or above for the Android and iOS apps. You won’t see the option to move to Google in earlier app versions.

Additionally, you might not yet see a prompt to update. Google is rolling out account migration throughout 2023, so if you have not yet received the notification to move your Fitbit account to Google, you don’t need to do anything. Continue to use your Fitbit account as usual.

Finally, Google supports personal accounts only for Fitbit at this time. can't use Google account with Fitbit

So if you use a workspace or supervised account (including a child’s Google account for under 13-year-olds), you need to use or create a personal Google account.

Why migrate your Fitbit to a Google account?

One advantage of moving your Fitbit account to Google is that it limits the number of usernames and passwords you need to store (or remember.)

Since Fitbit has its own username and password, when you transition to using your Google account, it uses the same username and password that you likely already use for your Android phone and Google services like Chrome, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, and so forth.

Additionally, Google offers better account security. While Fitbit offers text-based two-factor authentication, Google offers app-based two-factor authentication and additional security.

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