How to use The Conqueror app to virtually run and bike around the world

The Conqueror app creates a set of virtual challenges based on real-life routes all around the world.

The Conqueror gained momentum in the early days of the pandemic as international travel and organized racing events came to an abrupt halt. Still, they have continued to release new and exciting routes for endurance enthusiasts.

In this article, we detail how you can use The Conqueror app to accomplish an iconic, global route (or two) without even leaving your own city.

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The Conqueror app: Sign up and set up

The Conqueror challenges range from shorter distances (less than 50 miles) to extra-long, ultra-type distances (upwards of 1,000 miles). There really is something for everyone.

I initially discovered The Conqueror app in early 2020 when lockdowns were frequent, and many gyms, national parks, and other events were closed. These challenges motivated me to work on my fitness and accountability when many different aspects of life seemed to come to a crawl.

To get started, first download The Conqueror app on your smartphone. It is both iOS and Android compatible.

Once you’ve created and logged into your account, tap the three lines in the lower right corner. This brings up your menu where you can adjust setting preferences, get tech support, and join a new challenge.

join a challenge The Conqueror app


To date, The Conqueror has 32 different challenges and locations worldwide to pick from. Check them out for yourself here.

Some examples of these fun, global routes include:

  • Cairo and the Giza Pyramids (46 miles)
  • Ring of Kerry in Ireland (124 miles)
  • Great Wall of China (161 miles OR 2,183 miles)
  • The North Coast in the Scottish Highlands (500 miles)
  • Inca Trail through Machu Picchu (26.2 miles)

To purchase and join a challenge:

  • After choosing to join a challenge, select Shop on the left-hand side

choosing a challenge

  • Scroll through and select the challenge of your choice
  • You’re then taken to a page where you’re given more details about the challenge
  • If all looks good, select Join Challenge, then Sign Up Now
    • Of note, there are two entry packages available to choose from: Entry with just a medal, or entry with a medal and apparel
  • You’ll then be prompted to enter your payment information, and they email you a code to join

Once you receive your confirmation email, head back into your app, go to your menu, and select Join Challenge again. You’re prompted to enter your code, and when you do, your challenge has begun!

Set your chosen time-frame

Once your route has been established, you have the freedom to set a time frame for when you plan to finish your challenge.

This helps keep you on track, alerting you if you’re completing enough miles per day or week to finish on time. You can extend or shorten your time frame at any point.

The Conqueror app: Get active and log progress

Any distance-based exercise can be logged to work towards completing your challenge. I most frequently use cycling and running, but swimming, rowing, or even WC-based distances can be logged (among others).

To log a distance on your current route:

  • Tap the location pin icon in the lower-left corner of The Conqueror app
  • Input your distance in miles, then select the date and activity (e.g., cycling, running)
  • Tap Post

post a distance on The Conqueror app

From here, you see your distance logged and what percentage of your total distance has been completed back on your route’s homepage.

The app shows your progress along the route in a map format by default. If you’d like to switch and see actual locations along your route, select the stick figure icon to turn on Street View in the lower-left corner.

street view on conqueror app

My last challenge that I completed was a route through Italy, and I found it super interesting to see the actual towns and roads I was riding through. The Conqueror app really does embrace the virtual aspect of their challenges.

If you can’t be in Italy right now cycling through Tuscany, this is probably the next best thing!

Another fun feature about traveling through routes with The Conqueror app is that you receive virtual postcards via email at certain check-in points along with your challenge.

These postcards highlight everything from a monumental city that you might pass through to an array of important, historical landmarks. The postcard feature really does add that extra element of travel throughout the duration of your challenge.

The Conqueror app: Snag your finisher’s medal

No matter if it was 20 miles or 200, once you finally log that last distance and complete your challenge, rest assured that your finisher’s medal is on the way!

The Conqueror medals are absolutely stunning with high-quality materials and colors. Each is exceptionally unique to the challenge that you complete.

finisher medals

So far, I have completed four different challenges, and I’m most eager to complete more of them just to add more medals to my collection!

Final thoughts

In a world that is still trying to return to some form of normalcy, The Conqueror app and its global, virtual fitness challenges remain a fun and motivating means to exercise.

The app is immersive and responsive, and logging your distance-based workouts is a breeze. They also ship their medals worldwide, so you don’t have to be located in the U.S. to participate.

As a consumer of the app myself, I have nothing but positive things to say about it. I highly recommend checking out their challenge routes and going on a virtual fitness adventure somewhere around the world.


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