Hyundai releasing a new Smartwatch (P260) with HR and Sleep Monitoring

Hyundai P260 Smartwatch

Hyundai Corporation has decided to try out the wearables market with its launch of a new Smartwatch. The new Smartwatch P260 received its FCC approval today.

Interesting that the company which just acquired Boston Dynamics for $1.1 billion is also interested in positioning a product in the super-competitive wearables segment.

The P260 appears to have an AMOLED circular display and looks very much like a watch with a traditional display.

P260 Smartwatch Features

The Smartwatch has 4 LED photodiodes to support 24-hour heart rate monitoring.

It supports up to 13 sports modes which include running, walking, cycling, Alpinism, Yoga, Skipping, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Badminton, Football, Rugby and Table Tennis.

The new P260 is IP68 rated.

The Hyundai P260 is also enabled to support Sleep monitoring. The watch will monitor your sleep status from 6:00 pm to 11:59 am of the next day and you will be able to track your sleep statistics with Hyundai’s ‘GloryFit’ app.

In terms of support for music, the P260 does not have built-in storage for music but provides music controls on your watch which you can use to play songs from your mobile device.

Hyundai’s Smartwatch supports all the generic text-based notifications through pairing with your phone using Bluetooth 5.0

With a 340mAh battery, P260 can power your watch for up to 30 days in essential mode and up to 7 days when you use all the features of the smartwatch such as heart rate monitoring ( which draws a lot of battery juice)

As per Hyundai, you will be able to use the new Smartwatch with your existing Android device or your iPhone.

It is not clear what the overall Hyundai strategy is around the launch of this new Smartwatch. The P260 user manual does not speak of any new auto integration features or other iOT type functions. In terms of smartwatch functionality, the P260 has most of the basic features and lacks any wow factors.

It will be interesting to see how Hyundai approaches the market strategy with its new Smartwatch. Details around pricing or availability are not known at this time.

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