Japanese startup launched first noninvasive wearable glucose monitor

Smart Watch biochemical monitoring

Quantum Operation Inc., a Tokyo-based healthcare IoT startup, presented the world’s first non-invasive glucose monitor capable of truly continuous measurement.

And the best news? It measures your blood sugar from your wrist without any pricks!

All this was announced at the 2021 CES.

A wristband for diabetes monitoring with no needles required? Quantum Operation Inc. says Yes!

The incidence of diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide, and glucose monitoring is critical to diabetes management. Non-invasive continuous blood glucose monitoring is highly sought after for diabetes management. 

Non-invasive glucose detection by spectroscopy methods has garnered much interest in recent years. However, still facing many challenges to be adopted for clinical applications.

The company’s patented spectrum sensing technology enables the monitoring sensor to accurately measure glucose in a person’s bloodstream through the skin while being worn around their wrist, similar in size to an Apple Watch.

Non-stop and needle-less blood sugar (glucose) monitoring are here!

The key to achieving this noninvasive 24/7 monitoring are Quantum Operation’s core technologies that include the novel spectrometer materials, one of which is designed to emit an optimal spectrum, and another that is highly responsive to target spectra as well as the innovative firmware that efficiently extract targeted data by canceling noise.

These technologies can be used to measure all types of vital signs, ranging from heart rate to electrocardiography (ECG).

“Until now, sticking a need into your finger or arm has been the only available method for accurately measuring your glucose level. Our wristband will change that, making the painful daily routine unnecessary for all diabetic patients,” said Quantum Operation CEO Kazuma Kato.

 “Our core technologies also enable healthcare businesses to compile accurate big data and provide better solutions for disease control and management. We are very excited to introduce these technologies at CES 2021.”

Key features of Quantum Operation’s product offerings include:

  • Noninvasive, accurate, and continuous glucose monitoring
  • Enables healthcare providers to monitor patient’s conditions remotely
  • It can serve as an effective tool for collecting big data

This is a huge win for the company and the millions of users who struggle to monitor their Diabetes regularly.

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    • This is probably still in testing. We havent seen any FDA filings related to this so far. Thank you for your comments

    • Hi Doreen,

      At this time, this wearable is only available in Japan and is not yet available for sale to the public. But it tells us that this type of glucose monitoring should be available soon (next 1-3 years) on all types of wearables.


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