MapMyRun’s new “Cut Workout” feature will assist users who habitually forget to hit “Finish” workout

Mapmyrun new cut workout feature

Under Armour’s MapMyRun is a very popular fitness app used by millions of users. It is no surprise that the company decided to keep this asset and divested MyFitnessPal last year.

Since embarked on a digital transformation effort to build out additional features into this popular apptoo, the company has attracted new users and retained the current fan base.

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We have all been there. Trying to edit workout stats for the day when we forgot to hit the finish workout button. This can be an annoying experience for many athletes who closely monitor their weekly and monthly performance metrics. 

MapMyRun is planning to give this editing workout experience a much-needed facelift.

Mapmyrun cut workout feature coming
H/T to @stevemoser for finding this upcoming feature.

Users will now be able to use a new Cut Workout feature to trim their data and get a more accurate workout summary.

The feature will be available from the Workout Details screen on the website (select Cut Workout from the More menu.) and will make it super easy to edit out the unwanted segments.

Many wearables and activity trackers now have automatic exercise detection features that can help with stopping unwanted data collection. That being said, many users still prefer having a user-friendly feature to trim out workout segments manually.

Under Armour had acquired Mapmyfitness in 2013 for $150 million and has now grown the platform to serve more than 200 million users. Mapmyrun also attracts over a million connected shoe users who use the platform.Mapmyrun connected shoes

Patrik Frisk, Under Armour CEO, said there are 1 million connected shoes linked with MapMyRun. “This is an accomplishment that we are incredibly proud of as we drive deeper into the intersect of data, connectivity, product and experiences,” said Frisk late last year.

We expect to see more new and exciting features coming to Mapmyrun this year.

Thanks to SteveMoser from TapeDrive who shared the tip with us about this upcoming feature.


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