Mudra Band introduces cool gesture controls for your Apple Watch

prototype of Mudra Band for Apple Watch

Apple Watch bands, like the Mundra Band, are quickly becoming the focus of innovation. The real estate on your watch’s wristband potentially houses new sensors that make your Apple Watch even more useful.

Plus, sensors on the band introduce new ways for you to interact with your watch and gather important data about your health. These types of bands also offer other features not currently available via the watch app.

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The Mundra Band showcases what your Apple Watch band can do!

Imagine managing your calls, dismissing notifications, controlling your music, taking a selfie, or even activating Siri without a single touch on your watch’s screen. 

With the Mudra band, this is indeed possible, using a simple gesture of the hand that wears the watch.

And best of all, it works even when you have gloves on or when your hands are wet!

This new Apple Watch band gives new meaning to gesture controls on your Apple Watch.

With a Mudra band attached to your Apple Watch, you get to control your Apple Watch features through finger movements.

Mudra Band brings gesture control to Apple Watch

Say a call comes through to your Apple Watch with a Mudra band.

Instead of tapping on the watch screen to pick or decline the call, click your fingers to accept or decline the call.

Working out on the treadmill and need to control the music?

Move your fingers to switch tracks, skip around, adjust the volume, etc., and keep exercising without interruption.

You can also dismiss an alarm with a quick flick of your wrist or capture photos from your Apple watch with a simple gesture.

When you’re doing something that requires both hands and your full attention, such as driving, you don’t want to be fidgeting with your watch’s touchscreen, digital crown, or home button.

Use subtle finger movements to control the watch and keep the display visible.

The Mudra Band supports discrete, continuous, and air-touch interactions.

    • Discrete gestures are individual finger movements – such as a single finger moving or the soft tap of a finger on the thumb.
    • Continuous gestures are various fingertip pressure gradations applied to physical objects or other fingers.
    • Air-touch gestures combine fingertip pressure and an air mouse – such as sliding to unlock.

When you intend to move a finger, electrodes in the Mudra Band capture the neural signals sent from your brain, through the wrist, to your fingers.

The Mudra Band magic is its patented SNC (Surface Nerve Conductance) sensors. sensors on Mudra band

These sensors are designed to sense the biopotentials emanating from your wrist by converting ionic electrical activity from the surface of your skin to electric voltage (Ionic exchange.)

Patented SNC sensors on the band capture those signals, while deep learning AI algorithms decipher the signal pattern and classify which finger you move.

Finally, each signal pattern is associated with a control function on your Apple watch.

The band slides over your Apple Watch screen just like a normal band and instantly turns the watch into a single-handed device.

Plus, you can adjust the Mudra Band’s circumference of the band to fit your unique wrist size. With the Mudra band, The circumference of the band can be adjusted to fit different wrist sizes

By requiring you to use only the hand wearing the watch, Mudra Band lets you multitask while operating the watch without blocking the display.

Although Apple has been tinkering with the idea of embedding new sensors to the Apple Watch Band for some time now, as evident from past patent filings, Mudra has quickly introduced the technology.

It remains to be seen if Apple integrates gesture controls via the band when they release their new Apple Watch model in 2021.

Mudra Bands are currently showcasing their product on their website, and you can now order your own Mundra band.

And it currently costs you $179.99. However, the company targets a retail price of $249 for this Apple Watch band in the future.

The Mudra band also won one of CES’ 2021 Innovation Awards as an honoree!

Mudra Band specs & requirements

technical specs for Mudra Band




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