Oshi Health to bring IBD Monitoring and Management Tools to your SmartPhone

IBD Management Apps

Oshi Health is a startup that is working on apps that can help folks who suffer from IBD (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

The new App from Oshi provides a unique platform that provides IBD patients with tracking and monitoring, a well-being score that alerts you to potential flare-ups, an expert panel who answers your specific questions, and a wealth of resources to learn and manage IBD.


Oshi helps you manage your IBS using your iPhone

The app can be described as an all-in-one mobile platform with three primary aims: condition and lifestyle tracking, patient education, and active IBD management.

To better understand the reasons for their disease flare-ups, patients can record their symptoms, quality of life measurements, and other factors that are known to impact conditions such as diet, sleep, or exercise.

The App is currently available for download in the Apple app store as well as Android Play.

Other IBD Apps Worth Checking Out

For patients suffering from IBD, there are a handful of other apps that can be very helpful.

We have picked three that are popular and offer good features to help manage through the condition and maintain an active lifestyle.

Bathroom Scout

If you’re living with Crohn’s disease, knowing where the nearest bathroom can be very helpful. With Bathroom Scout, you can find it fast.

This handheld database includes more than 1.7 million bathrooms on iPhone and 1.3 million on Android around the world, from public restrooms to those in restaurants and stores.

GI Monitor

GI Monitor is a robust app that tracks symptoms, bowel movements, pain and stress levels, weight, meals, and medication.

You can note questions to discuss with your doctor, and the app makes it easy to see correlations between symptoms, medications, and food.

The socialize feature also makes it easy to connect with people living with irritable bowel diseases (IBDs).


This is another free all-in-one app to manage IBD, myIBD makes it easy to track bowel movements, nutrition, pain levels, your mood, and your medications.

The app also contains useful information about IBD in its IBD Academy section, as well as a personal history you can update.

Apple has been making it easier for you to monitor your medical records. You can now use iOS on your iPhone to directly connect with your hospital so that your medical records and test results are shared to your device.

Apple is taking a step further with iOS 12+ by adding new features to medical records functionality.

This makes it easy for patients that need to monitor their various test results and make adjustments to their lifestyle in order to manage their health.

At some point as Apple adds in additional features, it will become easy for third-party apps such as those mentioned above to automatically obtain the medical records and update your information, pending privacy confirmations.

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