Pink Nectarine Health obtains regulatory approval for its new wearable

Nectarine Health wearable

Sweden-based Pink Nectarine Health AB obtained FCC clearance for its new wearable targeted at seniors and eldercare.

The senior care market is a $750bn opportunity that is ready for disruption. 

Seniors prefer to live independently, which makes medical-alert systems essential items.

Should an accident, such as a fall, occur, these systems allow the elderly to call for help. Americans over the age of 50 are projected to spend nearly $84 billion a year on tech-based products by the year 2030.

Nectarine Health offers a discreet, waterproof wristband that can stream data 24/7 with nine to twelve months of battery life.

The Nectarine health package also comes with plug and play hub and satellites that aid with 24-hr remote monitoring without compromising the wearer’s privacy.

This allows caregivers to receive real-time alerts.Nectarine health FCC approval

The Nectarine Health system is built around three main components:

  • A wristband and a plug-in hub, and satellites in the wearer’s home.
  • A cloud-based platform where data is analyzed.
  • A mobile app where caregivers can access information about their loved ones.

The Nectarine system analyzes the wearer’s behavior patterns and uses artificial intelligence to detect emergencies and behavioral changes accurately

To install the Nectarine Health system, all you need to do is plug in the hub and satellites in power outlets in your home, connect them to WiFi and activate via their app.

Nectarine health app is available for download via AppStore or Google Play.

The Hub is responsible for collecting data generated by the Nectarine Wristband and relaying it to the Nectarine Cloud.

And the Hub also enables positioning and location services.

The Hub and Satellite are hardware ready to provide audio capability with a microphone and speaker to (in a future release) enable communication in case something happens to the wearer of the Wristband.

Satellites communicate with the Hub to extend the range of the Nectarine Health System.

The wearable remote monitoring system currently helps with the following:

  • Automatic fall detection Artificial intelligence allows us to identify falls, significantly reducing false alarms accurately.
  • Call for assistance
    A wearer can always call for assistance by pressing the button on the wristband.
  • Basic activity and sleep scores

The company is also improving to add new features such as automatic out-of-home detection and automatic wristband off detection.

The company is expected to launch its new product this year.

You can sign up on their website to get the latest news and notifications about their product launch.

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