Peloton’s new trademark offers clues about potential nutrition products and meal offerings

Peloton Interactive, the famous exercise bike company, filed a new trademark last week, showing its potential interest in launching a line of nutrition-based products.

The Trademark filed on Feb 5th, 2021, uses several goods and services (IC 029, IC 030, IC 032) that clearly show that the company might be thinking of launching a personalized meal/nutrition delivery service to its users.Peloton meal and nutrition

Peloton trainers are not allowed to talk diet today on the company’s platform. According to the American Council on Fitness, trainers who are not registered dietitians cannot offer nutritional advice.

Today, Peloton’s trainers cannot provide customized nutritional assessments, make individual meal panning recommendations, or offer nutrition counseling.

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This could change quickly if Peloton decides to incorporate licensed and registered dieticians into their digital platform.

The market for ‘Functional Foods’ is expected to grow sharply over the next few years.

Growing demand for functional foods and beverages aligns closely with many health objectives, including improving joint health, weight loss, and bone and muscle strength. 

These food products can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes by enhancing digestion. They also decrease wrinkles and help with rejuvenation.

Functional foods promote optimal health by reducing the risk of non-communicable diseases, boosting metabolism, improving nutrition absorption, better digestion, and losing weight. Consumer preference for reduced sugar intake is expected to influence growth positively.

Given the popularity of the Peloton brand and the community engagement on the platform, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a new channel that promotes nutritional coaching and the delivery of meals of some functional foods that align with a user’s fitness health goal.

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