Revibe Technologies, maker of a smartwatch for ADHD and Autism secures $3 million in funding

Revibe smartwatch for ADHD

Revibe Technologies, the maker of a wearable device being developed for ADHD and Autism, announced this week that they have secured over $3 million in funding.

The new funding has been earmarked to be invested in the clinical and regulatory development of its AI-driven Revibe Connect smartwatch.

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The Revibe Connect smartwatch helps students by using an AI-based algorithm to send haptic signals to the wearer, reminding them to stay focused and achieve their work independently.

The company was founded in 2012 and has received research funding from the US Department of Education, and has been adopted by multiple school systems across the US.

The Revibe connect app helps parents monitor their child’s progress and share data with teachers and clinicians easily using their phone or tablet.

Based on several trials, the evidence around the efficacy of the Revibe connect watch is strong.

83% of students with self-regulation deficits showed improvement in on-task behavior, with the overall average improvement over baseline at 38%. 89% of students evaluated said they noticed a positive difference in their time-on-task while wearing Revibe.

The watch recommended by Clinicians is being marketed at $19/ month or $199/year. You can try it risk-free for 3 months and see if it works for you. 

The space around using wearables for ADHD has been gaining traction. Recently ADHD America tied up with iluria Health Ltd. Iluria Health Ltd, based out of Israel, is a leading ADHD monitoring solution provider and is engaged in several clinical trials in the US and Israel.

Their platform is wearable agnostic and has demonstrated exceptional results stemming from their algorithms that analyze changes in physiological markers to analyze the effectiveness of medical treatment.

As of writing, numerous wearable platforms are being developed to help with different neurological conditions.

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