Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to feature different battery manufacturers and displays

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 bezel

According to the latest reports, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will use two different batteries depending upon the model.

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The Galaxy Watch 4, 41 mm model is expected to house the Chinese battery maker ATL (Amperex Technology Limited) batteries featuring 240mAh. The premium 45mm Galaxy Watch 4 will feature the Samsung SDI batteries. The Samsung SDI batteries have a 350 mAh capacity.

This is different from the battery specs of Galaxy Watch 3.

The Galaxy Watch 3 used the 247mAh battery for its 41 mm model and the 340mAh for the 45mm model last year.

The changes in battery specs indicate that the PCB and display panel designs will be different for the Galaxy Watch 4.

According to the report source, the change to include the ATL line of batteries has probably been done due to cost management reasons.

In terms of the processor chipset, it is not clear whether Samsung will continue using the Exynos 9110 or will upgrade the chipset in Watch 4. The 9110 is pretty comparable with the Qualcomm 4100+ series chipset in terms of performance.

It also looks like both the Galaxy Watch 4 and the new Galaxy Watch Active 4 will come in two sizes. The Galaxy Watch 4 will be available in 41mm and 45mm versions, while the Galaxy Watch Active 4 will have a 40mm and a 44mm case size. 

The bigger change anticipated on the Galaxy Watch 4 is the support for wearOS.

Numerous reports have suggested that Samsung will likely use Google Wear OS for the new watch rather than Tizen, which is used for previous models.

The other major anticipated change in Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is noninvasive blood glucose monitoring via optical spectrometry.

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