Wearable and tech companies begin positioning back-to-work services for enterprises

Verily Back to work program

Google’s Verily, FitBit, Whoop, and CVS Health are among many technology companies that are spearheading initiatives to provide their health and technology expertise to reopening businesses. 

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Verily’s Healthy at Work program for office returning employees

Verily has announced new enterprise offerings incorporating COVID-19 testing, symptom checking, clinical support, data analysis, and app-based tools for employees.

Employees are provided with an app they use to report daily symptoms or disease exposure. They are then sent in-app messages advising them whether or not to come to work. This is all a part of their new Healthy at Work initiative.

Verily Back to work program

Companies can customize parameters based on their organization’s needs. These needs include population analytics, up-to-date public health guidance, and recommendations from Verily’s in-house clinical and data science teams.

Verily has also teamed with Cognizant to help facilitate nationwide Covid-19 testing.

Fitbit’s Ready for Work program

Interestingly, this new Verily initiative comes at a time when their related subsidiary (FitBit) offered its own back-to-work offering in mid-June.

The company today announced what it’s calling its Ready for Work solution, a service comprising a daily health check-in for employees and an analytics dashboard for their employers, both of which are being offered through Fitbit Health Solutions.

The first component is an app-based experience that asks users about any recent exposures or testing results and presents the opportunity to log their symptoms and temperature. 

The tool also displays the user’s resting heart rate, heart rate variability, and breathing rate, alongside advice on whether they should attend or stay home from work.

Returning employees to the office at Whoop

Whoop is another wearable based company that has recently partnered up with PGA Golf Tour. whoop and PGA for Covid

Whoop aims to help the PGA with symptom monitoring and other related analytics for golfers, caddies, and staff.

Return Ready program for CVS Health office employees

CVS Health, meanwhile, is taking a bit more of an end-to-end approach. CVS is providing its own testing services as part of the deal.

Worksites and school campuses using the Return Ready offering from CVS health may choose to have: on-site rapid-testing services set up and conducted by CVS Health licensed professionals, drive-thru testing available at roughly 1,400 CVS pharmacies or tests processed by a third-party lab.

Getting employees back at the office

Many organizations that either closed down or went remote due to COVID-19 have been working to resume operations.

As a part of their business resiliency initiatives, they are exploring ways to manage the resumption of on-site operations.

As case counts increase across the US, healthcare, and technology companies alike see a new business opportunity that’s in very high demand across the U.S. 

This could also mean faster and more innovative product design offerings from leading wearable manufacturers and health services companies.

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