What is the new Health Checklist feature from Apple all about?

health app iOS 14

With the introduction of iOS 14, Apple incorporates some additional health and fitness-related features into its popular iOS (operating system) for the iPhone.

Although the majority of the development focus on the design of sleep monitoring features, Apple also takes the opportunity to replace the Activity app with a new Fitness app. And iOS 14 introduces a wind-down mode for sleep along with improved hearing health elements.

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A Health Checklist is one of the new offerings in the Health app in iOS 14

The central idea around this new health checklist feature, according to Apple is that it makes it easier now to manage the health features that matter most to you. 

The features offer one central place where you can track and manage your health and safety features. You can see whether they’re enabled on your iPhone and Apple Watch, turn them on from the checklist, and see when they were last updated.

How to access Apple’s Health Checklist feature

Once you update your iPhone to iOS 14, start using the new Health Checklist feature.

  1. Tap on the Health app on your iPhone to beginiOS 14 Health App
  2. The Health Checklist is the first section that shows up under SummaryApple Health Checklist feature

What are the available items in the Health Checklist?

When you see the general message in the Health Checklist window, tap on ‘Review’ to get started.

Tapping here brings you to a list of essential set-up items that require your attention.

The main section is divided into two primary areas:

  • The ‘Inactive’ section shows you all the features that you are not using or have not set it up correctly on your iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • The ‘Active’ section within the Health Checklist shows you all the features that you have enabled on your devices.
  • Unavailable’ section lists all the features that are not available on your Apple Watch. To avail of these additional features, you will need to upgrade to a newer model of Apple Watch. Use health checklist to find unavailable features

Review and set-up these individual health-related features using the Health checklist details:

  • Medical ID – Tap Setup and get started. Then, enter your primary contact information and other important medical-related details
  • Low Heart Rate Notifications – Enable the feature on your Apple Watch by following the directions offered from here
  • High Heart Rate Notifications – Enable from here following directions
  • Irregular Rhythm Notifications – If you are setting up your Apple Watch to monitor for Afib related notifications, you can start the setup process from here
  • Emergency SOS – Follow directions here to properly configure the SOS calling for both your iPhone as well as Apple WatchUse Health Checklist to see up SOS

If your Apple Watch supports fall detection, ECG App and Hearing related functions, you can also set it up. Otherwise, Apple categorizes them under ‘Unavailable’.

Does the Health Checklist feature offer personal disease management options?

Some users may confuse this feature and associate it with options around personal disease management. The health checklist is not like a Dexcom G6 CGM dashboard that provides appropriate A1C levels and insights around how to manage these statistics better.

The Apple Health Checklist in the iOS 14 Health app does not provide you with any metrics related to your daily activities, sleep-related monitoring, or fitness workouts. The new Fitness app houses those metrics on your iPhone.

Apple intends for us to use this feature as a centralized place on our iPhones. There, we can correctly set up all health-related monitoring aspects for both our iPhones and Apple Watches from a single convenient place.

Wrap up

In summary, when you buy a new Apple Watch or an iPhone and you want the convenience of setting up all the available health-related functions from one place, Apple’s new Health Checklist is your best friend!

What are some of the new and exciting Health features that you are excited about with the coming launch of iOS 14 and watchOS 7?


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