What is the Health Checklist feature from Apple all about?

health app iOS 14

To help you better manage your health, Apple created the Health Checklist inside the Health app that allows you to periodically review which health features you turn on or off using your iPhone and if available, your Apple Watch.

The Health Checklist is an easy way to see all the available health features and learn what health features you are currently using and what health features you might want to set up and use (or turn off.)

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A Health Checklist is one of the best features of Apple’s Health app

According to Apple, the central idea around this new health checklist feature is that it makes it easier now to manage the health features that matter most to you. 

The features offers one central place to track and manage your health and safety features.

You can see whether they’re enabled on your iPhone and Apple Watch, turn them on from the checklist, and see when they were last updated.

How to access Apple’s Health Checklist feature

First, make sure your iPhone runs at least iOS 14 to access the Health Checklist.

  1. Open the Health app on your iPhone to begin, and choose the Summary tab at the bottom. Apple Health app on iPhone Summary tab
  2. Look for the Health Checklist in the first section under Summary. Health app Health Checklist on iPhone in the Health app
  3. If you don’t see it, tap your account picture or icon in the top right corner.
  4. Under Features, tap Health Checklist. iPhone Apple Health app Health Checklist

What are the available items in the Health Checklist?

When you see the general message in the Health Checklist window, tap on Review to get started. Apple Health app Review Health Checklist

Tapping here brings you to a list of essential set-up items that require your attention. You can turn on, set up, or turn off various health features inside the Health Checklist.

The main section is divided into three primary areas:

  1. The Inactive section shows you all the features you are not using or have not set up correctly on your iPhone or Apple Watch.
  2. The Active section within the Health Checklist shows you all the features you have enabled on your devices.
  3. The Unavailable section lists all the features that are not available on your Apple Watch. To avail of these additional features, you need to upgrade to a newer model of Apple Watch. Apple iPhone Health app list of features available

Review and turn on these individual health-related features using the Health checklist details

  • Medical ID for iPhone and Apple Watch. Allows first responders to access critical health and emergency information like allergies, medications, and any emergency contacts.
  • Emergency SOS for iPhone and Apple Watch. Allows iPhone and Apple Watch to quickly call emergency services and message your emergency contacts.
  • Fall Detection for Apple Watch. If you fall, your Apple Watch calls emergency services if you cannot respond and need help.
  • Low Heart Rate Notifications and High Heart Rate Notifications for Apple Watch. You receive a notification if your heart rate is high or low for at least 10 minutes while you’re at rest and inactive.
  • Irregular Rhythm Notifications for Apple Watch. Monitors your heart rate for any irregular heart rhythms in the background and notifies you if multiple irregular heart rhythms are detected.
  • ECG app for Apple Watch. Set up to allow your Apple Watch to take an ECG recording.
  • Cardio Fitness Notifications for Apple Watch. If your watch detects a low level, it notifies you.
  • Blood Oxygen for Apple Watch. Set up to allow your Apple Watch to check your blood oxygen (SpO2) levels throughout the day.
  • Walking Steadiness Notifications for iPhone and Apple Watch. If your iPhone detects that your walking patterns indicate an elevated risk of falling, you get a notification.
  • Headphone Notifications for iPhone and Apple Watch. If you listen to loud audio on headphones (earphones) for a prolonged period that can impact your hearing, you receive a notification.
  • Noise Notifications for Apple Watch. Get a notification if your environmental sound level is over a set decibel level (between 80 to 100) for more than 3 minutes.
  • Crash Detection for iPhone and Apple Watch. If your iPhone or Apple Watch detects a severe vehicle crash, it connects you to emergency services if you cannot respond.
  • AFib History for Apple Watch. If you are diagnosed with AFib (irregular heart rhythm) AFib history can help you keep track of how frequently your heart shows signs of an AFib event and logs factors that might impact that condition.

To turn on or learn more about an item in the list, tap it. 

Depending on your Apple Watch model, your watch may or may not support all these health features. When a feature isn’t supported, Apple categorizes it under Unavailable.

Does the Health Checklist feature offer personal disease management options?

Some users may confuse this feature and associate it with options around personal disease management.

The Health Checklist does not provide insights into the health features or metrics related to your daily activities, sleep-related monitoring, or fitness workouts.

Find insights into your health in the Health app’s Health Trends section. Health Trends on iPhone Health app

And for workout and activity info, the Fitness app houses those metrics on your iPhone. iPhone only Fitness app with Move Ring

Wrap up

Apple is really working to make your iPhone and Apple Watch your health companion and help you keep track of your health. And the list of health features keeps growing.

Apple intends for us to use this health checklist feature as a centralized place on our iPhones.

There, we can correctly set up all health-related monitoring aspects for both our iPhones and Apple Watches from a single, convenient place.

When you buy a new Apple Watch or an iPhone and want the convenience of setting up all the available health-related functions from one place, Apple’s Health Checklist is your best friend!


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