Why is Tesla Motors interested in a wearable smartwatch platform?

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The combination of Tesla and wearable smartwatch in the same sentence is hard to imagine. Known for its best of breed electric vehicle portfolio, Tesla is always on the leading edge of innovation when it comes to battery technology and designing the best electric vehicles.


In researching some of the new wearables that have recently seen chatter at the FCC, we stumbled upon an interesting product in the wearables category designed and marketed by Xplora Technologies AS.Tesla motors and Xplora smartwatch

Xplora Technologies AS, a Norway based company is the maker of a unique SmartWatch that is targeted at Kids among other things.Xplora Technologies Company Info

The specific product in question according to FCC filing is the X5 Play/ X5 Play eSIM. This is a smartwatch that accepts a Nano SIM card and allows kids to track their activity, send voice messages and pre-defined text messages to known contacts. The Xplora smartwatch supports call time, has a camera, features remote switch-off capabilities, supports wi-fi and has a school mode (Silent and SOS-only).

How does Tesla Motors come into the picture?

FCC Filing of Xplora Technologies with Tesla override

When we looked at the FCC filing for equipment authorization approvals for Xplora Technologies X5 product, dated April 2, 2020, we found that the request included a section where the application had language  Same effect as acts of the Tesla Motors Inc.’

Tesla motors and Xplora technologies
Shows Tesla’s active interest in the FCC filing of Xplora Technologies SA

In further examining the communications between FCC and Xplora Technolgies SA, the request for short and long term confidentiality schedule also showed Tesla Motors footprints.Tesla motors confidentiality request

In this instance it is clear from the statement

Since this design is a basis form which future technological products will evolve, Tesla Motors, Inc. considers this information would be of benefit to its competitors, and that the disclosure of the information in these documents would give competitors an unfair advantage in the market.”

that Tesla has an active interest in the development of this specific product by Xplora Technologies.

What does this finding suggest?

It is hard to imagine that Tesla is getting into the game of wearable technologies. It is more likely that this potential acquisition or partnership with Xplora technologies will translate into a new accessory product for the Tesla store. The online Tesla store has an accessory section devoted to kids accessories as well. Or could it be that Tesla is thinking around new innovations around user experience via a dedicated smartwatch platform? We have reached out to both companies for comments and will provide an update if we hear back.

Here is an update from the Austin Tesla club:

Tesla smart summon feature with smartwatch

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