Seattle based Wyze Labs ready to launch a new smartwatch

Wyze Labs new products

Seattle-based Wyze Labs, popular for their Wyze cam products as well as other home automation products is going to be launching a new Smartwatch with Alexa capabilities.

Although the company currently offers an affordable fitness band and a digital weight scale, this is the first time they are going to be launching a smartwatch.


The Wyze smartwatch details

The existing Wyze band not only has 24/7 heart rate monitoring and built-in Alexa but also assists with home automation processes.

You can use the band for controlling your lights, get notifications from your installed Wyze cam, and integrate with other IoT devices.

The new Smartwatch was approved today via an FCC filing.Wyze Smartwatch

The new Wyze smartwatch looks very much like an Apple Watch with a rectangular face design.

We are assuming that it will feature an AMOLED display and will have some of the new bells and whistles around Alexa home integration.

In terms of water resistance, the new Wyze smartwatch will be 5 ATM water-resistant.

Wyze smartwatch features

Sleep monitoring and detailed activity monitoring will also be included as it is now common with most other smartwatches.

It’s unclear if the new Smartwatch will feature a SpO2 monitor to track blood oxygen level saturation.

Much like Wyze bands, we think that the new Smartwatch from the company will also feature a powerful battery that can last for a week or more between charges.

Since their fitness bands are so affordable (less than $25), we think that their entry-level smartwatch is also going to be positioned at an attractive price point for price-sensitive consumers who have recently ventured into Wyze home automation products.

We’ll keep this post updated as we learn more about this new smartwatch from the folks at Wyze.

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