A Solarwatch made out of bio-based castor oil and recycled plastics brought to you by Fossil

Fossil Solarwatch

Fossil announced the introduction of a new smartwatch coinciding with Earth Day.

The new Solar-Watch World timer uses 100% solar digital movement and is made of environmentally friendly materials. The smartwatch uses a case made with bio-based castor oil, and the strap is made out of recycled plastic bottles!

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The Limited Edition Solar-Watch from Fossil is for minimalists with a passion for sustainability. The Watch functions as a ‘legacy’ wristwatch. It shows you the time using the analog face and also displays the day and date.

There is no activity tracking, health metrics, music controls, or any of the other features that you see in today’s smartwatch.

The 42 mm Solarwatch is a 5 ATM water resistance and uses a low-powered Panasonic CTL1616 battery. These are the same batteries that are used in the Casio G-Shock solar series watches.

The RPET Polyurethane watch from Fossil is stylish with a black color case and black dial and includes a sporty blue colored strap. The watch is priced at $159 and is available at Fossil’s website, and ships immediately.

Eco-friendly watches have been around. Solios watches are known for their sustainability attributes. Featuring Silicone bands and a recyclable stainless steel body, the watches are rated to last 50 years. TIVC is another brand that is active in this segment. 

TIVC offers a range of classic watches made of recycled material, including those designed out of recycled synthetic eco suede and Pinatex. Nordgreen is another Danish company that uses ethical sustainability values for its line of watches.

It is interesting to see a large wearable brand such as Fossil offering an attractive eco-friendly option to its customers.

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