9 tips to improve Battery Performance on your Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

Best Tips to improve Fossil Gen 5 Battery

Congratulations on your new Fossil Gen 5. In this article, we explore easy step-by-step tips that will help improve the battery performance of your smartwatch.

The Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches allow you to customize the battery performance using three different modes out of the box.


Beyond these standard modes, you can customize your smartwatch with these tips to make the battery last longer between charges.

Three main Battery Performance modes on the Fossil Gen 5

If you are new to a Fossil Gen 5, the multi-day battery modes are a good place to get familiar with. 

Fossil Gen 5 Battery Modes
When in doubt, the Extended mode offers a good starter pack for better battery performance

The Daily mode on the smartwatch uses most of the features and requires you to charge your watch every night, the extended mode on the watch uses only essential features daily and requires charging every few days, and lastly the time only mode just uses the minimal function of the watch and the battery can last for days.

Swipe down on your Gen 5 watch face to the Settings screen and tap on the battery icon.

Here you can choose from Daily, Extended, time only, and custom battery modes.

Setup and use Custom Battery mode on the Gen 5

Fossil 5 Gen 5 Custom Battery mode
Scroll down from this screen to check out all the settings available to improve the battery

Instead of the three main battery presets, choose the custom battery mode from the Settings screen to review the various customizations that are available. The Custom mode allows users to make additional settings changes that help with battery performance.

These battery performance customizations are grouped into several key areas according to the features of the watch and are primarily in the following 5 areas:

  • Display – Your Fossil Gen 5 has the Always-on Display feature that can consume lot more battery juice. Similarly, the Touch to wake and Tilt to wake feature on the display consume additional juice. Adjust Display BrightnessIt’s also a good idea to adjust the brightness on the watch display to a lower intensity in order to save battery.
  • Connectivity – In terms of connectivity, you have the option to enable or disable  Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Location, and NFC.
  • Alerts – allows you to enable or disable System sounds on the watch
  • Phone – The setting here allows you to answer a phone call on the watch
  • Controls – Enable or disable  ‘OK Google’ and ‘Wrist Gestures’ from this section.

The combination of these controls allows you to customize the settings based on how you use your Gen 5.

For someone who uses most functions out of their phone may choose to disable Wi-Fi in order to preserve battery.

Similarly, if you do not use your watch for contactless payments, you can disable NFC function on the watch to save some juice.

In the next section, we look at some of the most common settings that you can use to help improve your Gen 5’s battery performance.

Best Tips to improve Battery performance on the Fossil Gen 5

Since Fossil Gen 5 has been around for some time, users have been able to understand some of the practices that work best for overall battery performance. Here are some of the popular ones that you can choose from:

  1. Tilt-To-Wake  – Many users choose to keep the Tap-to-wake feature ON and disable the Tilt-to-wake feature. This prevents the watch from consuming power during wrist movements. Disable Tilt to wake for better battery lifeTap-to-wake is a nice function but you can still achieve the same function by touching any of the Gen 5 buttons and save power. Most users find that the combination of Always On Display + tap to wake is way better than no AOD + tilt to wake when it comes to saving battery.
  2. Bluetooth / Wi-Fi – Many users choose to keep the Bluetooth ON while disabling the Wi-Fi on their Gen 5, since major functions requiring Wi-Fi access are pretty much handled on the paired phone. Wi-Fi on the watch can be helpful by improving the response time if you use apps such as Maps, Spotify, Play etc. but all of these work over Bluetooth. Adjust Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Settings for better batteryIf you wear your Gen 5 for sleep monitoring at night, you can disable the Bluetooth by setting up a time window for the active Bluetooth connection.
  3. Enable ‘Cloud sync’ feature using the wearOS app. This will allow the smartwatch and your phone to be synced without your smartwatch requiring consistent wi-fi access. Enable Cloud sync on wear OS
    1. Tap on the wearOS app on your phone
    2. Tap on Advanced Settings
    3. Choose Privacy and Personal data
    4. Enable ‘Cloud sync’
  4. Location – This is a popular feature on your smartwatch that helps with the weather app. Fossil Gen 5 Battery TipsSince this feature uses the GPS function on the watch, it tends to draw a lot more battery. You can disable or enable this based on your preferences.
  5. Wrist Gestures – This is another option that most people using the Gen 5 disable for preserving battery. Disable Wrist Gestures on smartwatchYou can choose to leave the ‘OK Google On’ if you like to use it.
  6. Notifications – Most users like to get their message notifications on the smartwatch but any notifications that are tied with location data can consume some serious power. We disabled the Google Maps notifications via wearOS app and noticed a better battery performance.
    Check wearOS Notification settings
    Remove notifications from Google Maps and other apps using GPS location features

    In order to do this, open up the wearOS app on your phone > tap on Notifications > disable Google Maps notifications. You can also look through all the other apps here and disable the notification feature for anything that you don’t want. Most of these are turned ON by default.

  7. Look for any pending system updates. Apply any recent system updates to your Gen 5. In order to check for system updates, swipe down on the screen and tap on settings icon. Scroll down and tap on System. Next tap on ‘About’. Choose ‘System Updates’ on the next screen to see if there are any pending updates or if your watch is running on the most current update.
  8. AOD friendly Watch faces – Users who prefer to have the always-on display feature on should look for a watch face that is battery friendly. Watch faces that use monochromatic colors and are minimalistic tend to consume less battery power. Also take time to explore ksana watch face for your Gen 5.
  9. Developer Settings – Take advantage of Developer settings to turn off animations on your smartwatch. This does help quite a bit with battery performance. Enable developer settings on your watch. This is advanced and should only be done by someone who knows what they are doing. It requires you to download ADB to clean up ‘bloat’ software from the smartwatch. 

Poor Battery performance following wearOS update? If the poor battery performance on your Gen 5 started following a wearOS update, you can roll back to the prior wearOS and Google Fit update or wait for a new update.

We hope that you found this article helpful. Changing the settings does not take too much time but working with them in the custom battery mode and figuring out which is working best for you can take some time depending upon your usage.

If you are using other tips to help improve the battery performance on your Fossil Gen 5, please let us know in the comments below.

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