Amazfit smartwatches coming 2021-Q3 to feature Blood Pressure Measurement along with a new processor 

Amazfit GTS 2 mini

Zepp Health, the company behind the Amazfit brand of products provided some exciting news today beyond the launch of its new PowerBuds Pro earbuds and new watches.

The company introduced PumpBeats™, a non-invasive and sleeveless blood pressure measurement system on Amazfit smartwatches.

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According to Amazfit, the new PumpBeats platform is based on five years of technical research and employs the company’s proprietary Huangshan AI chip and biosensor array.

The proprietary PumpBeats™ algorithm is able to measure blood pressure using the watch’s optical sensors, similar to how Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 measures blood pressure.

In addition to the on-demand blood pressure measurement, Amazfit is also exploring the potential around continuous blood pressure monitoring and is in the process of developing the feature.

Clinical testing of hypertensive patients at the First Hospital of Peking University found deviations in PumpBeats measurements of less than 5.14mmHg in Systolic and less than 4.88mmHg in Diastolic pressure.

Blood pressure measurement takes only 30 seconds using the platform. According to the company, PumpBeats is expected to be available in Amazfit products in Q4 2021.  

The company also announced its new wearables processor named Huangshan 2s today.

Huangshan 2s is the first wearable AI processor that employs a dual-core RISC-V instruction set architecture. 

The new chip has a significant differentiator in performance. 

Compared to its predecessor, the Huangshan 2s reduces operating power consumption by 56% and dormant power consumption by 93%, and improved graphics performance by 67%.  

According to the company, the Huangshan 2s smart wearable chip has been successfully taped out in March 2021 and will become one of the key smart wearable chips for the company’s third generation of Amazfit smartwatches.

The company also announced its plans around unveiling its new operating system this year.

Zepp OS will be officially launched in Q4 2021 and it will become an open health management platform that will allow thousands of developers to participate and to create a global open health ecosystem for smart wearable users.

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