Amazfit’s new PowerBuds come packed with exciting health monitoring features

Amazfit PowerBuds Pro with health monitoring

Amazfit launched its new TWS ( True wireless stereo) PowerBuds with numerous health monitoring features this week.

In addition to heart rate monitoring, the new TWS Amazfit PowerBuds Pro have the ability to detect the position of user’s head in relation to their cervical spine and provide feedback in the app to help improve posture.

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This is a brand new feature and is not available in other leading earbuds out there in the market today. For folks, who experience stiff neck or tight shoulders after waking up from their sleep, these new earbuds from Amazfit are going to be a lifesaver by helping users find the right posture.

If your neck has been in the same position for too long, the earbuds can nudge you to make an adjustment and improve your posture.

Apart from cervical spine posture monitoring, the new TWS earbuds have the technology to analyze loud volume and listening habits to help users protect their hearing.

In addition, Automatic activity detection on the earbuds can start tracking your run time, speed, distance, calories burned and more automatically. You can sync heart rate data with fitness apps such as RunKeeper and MapMyRun.

Amazfit’s older earbuds, the Zenbuds were designed with sleep monitoring and management in mind. Not only did the zen buds help users with soothing sounds but it automatically stopped the soothing sounds upon sleep detection.

The Zenbuds also provided in-ear alarm functionality and also a Pomodoro Timer for increased productivity.

The new Amazfit PowerBuds Pro are geared more towards your active lifestyle. Heart rate tracking is enabled during exercise. A tap on an earbud provides current heart rate status, and the earbuds play an alert when exercise heart rate is too high.Amazfit TWS earbuds

The new product marketed as “Listen to your Body” meets the campaign slogan. The new Earbuds featuring active noise cancellation and sports tracking are an improved product iteration and are sure to find new users.

The earbuds each have three microphones and AI noise-reduction with the aim of helping you have clear phone call quality.

There are 4 different ANC modes available to users on these new TWC earbuds:

  • Indoor mode cancels-out noises like keyboard tapping and air conditioning, plus background chatter, when you need to focus.
  • Travel mode blocks the engine rumbling on public transport and aircraft, but you can still hear announcements.
  • Workout mode lets you hear traffic sounds, so you stay safe exercising outdoors, but shuts out environmental noises like wind.
  • Adaptive mode automatically adjusts noise cancellation according to your surroundings.

PowerBuds Pro will run for up to nine hours on a single charge, according to Amazfit, and the charging case can extend the lifespan to 30 hours.Amazfit PowerBuds Pro key features

Earbuds with health and activity monitoring features

The new product from Amazfit comes at a time when competition for health and fitness monitoring via hearables is picking up significant traction. Apple is expected to announce new AirPods Pro with new fitness and health features.

Wearable tech for health and wellness has so far focused on wrist-based devices. However, signals from the ear are as much as 100-times clearer than those from the wrist. The inside of the ear is dark, closer to the body’s core, and the arteries are nearer the surface of the skin, which makes heart rate monitoring easier. 

There are many earbuds that have included heart rate monitoring over the past year. Jabra’s elite sport true wireless waterproof earbuds is one of the popular earbuds that have found love from users.

Bose has been actively shaping its earbuds product lines and is venturing into some of the health monitoring areas. Bose’s soundsport pulse is another product that currently offers heart rate tracking and the company has also targeted sleep monitoring via its novel SleepBuds 3.

EVEN’s headphones and Nuheara’s IQbuds, for example, both adapt their output to boost frequencies the listener doesn’t hear so well. Everyone’s hearing is slightly different, so compensating for personal limitations or age-related hearing loss can help.

By combining some of the health monitoring features such as heart rate tracking and fitness activity monitoring, the Amazfit PowerBuds Pro offers superior value for its price. These new earbuds are priced at $150 and will be available for pre-order starting July 15th.

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