Apple Fitness+ releases Meditations for Beginners in a brand new nine session bundle

Apple Fitness+ Guided Meditations

Apple today introduced its new Meditation for Beginners program on its Apple Fitness+ platform.

The company had earlier announced that these programs will be available by fall. The new offering is a part of the guided meditation sessions that were announced during Apple’s iPhone California Streaming event.

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The new ‘Meditations for Beginners’ are bundled into nine different episodes and these meditations can be done in any order.

The primary objective of this program is to help users start their meditation journey and introduce them to the Fitness+ Meditation themes.

It is known that Meditation can help with developing self-awareness , improve you connections with others, reduce stress and even sleep better.

Each Meditation session is designed around “intention”. According to Apple, an intention can be thought of as a compass directing you to what is important for the session. These are words or phrases that help guide the essence of the meditation session.

Unlike traditional meditation practice, Fitness+ meditations can be done sitting, standing or lying down.

If you are planning on trying out the meditation session sitting down, you may want to explore getting a meditation seat or a yoga mat that is padded and comfortable.

Apple Fitness+ offers three main categories of Guided Meditation

Apple Fitness+ meditations are organized into three major categories and nine associated themes:Apple Fitness+ Meditation categories and themes

  1. Renew (Calm, Focus, Resilience) is designed to help you take a break from your busy lives, clear distraction and keep yup calm)
  2. Connect ( Gratitude, Kindness, Purpose) is designed to generate feelings of warmth and thankfulness
  3. Grow (Awareness, Creativity, Wisdom) can help you think more clearly, inspire self-understanding and create space for creative pursuits.

Each of these nine meditations is designed as a stand-alone program and you are encouraged to try all the nine themes in order to get a feel for them.

Apple Fitness+ has also introduced the new ‘Get Ready for Snow Season. The six episodes in this program with Ted Ligety and Anja Garcia are based on Ted’s own training routine as an elite ski racer and world champion.

“We are excited to be introducing new workouts that bring Fitness+ users more options to stay active and motivated, plus immersive guided Meditation experiences that are approachable for all and easy to fit into your day.”, remarked Jay Blahnik, Director of Fitness Technologies, Apple.

Apple Fitness+ is available on a three month trial for Apple Watch users on a Series 3 device or above. After this time, Apple requires a subscription of $14.99 per month or $119.99 per year.


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