Apple’s Fitness+ free 3 month trial email begins to show up in inboxes

3 month Apple Fitness+ Trial code

Apple’s new Fitness+ service is branded as ‘Simplicity in Exercise,’ and it absolutely is for the most part. You can launch a workout on the new service in less than three steps. Put on your Apple Watch, open the Fitness app, tap on Fitness+, and select your favorite workout to get going.

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According to Apple, customers who bought a new Apple Watch recently could try out the new Fitness+ service for free for the first three months.

Unfortunately, following the launch of Fitness+ yesterday, most users could not find a way to sign up for the free 3 months trial.

Instead, they only saw the standard 1-month free trial message when they tapped on Fitness+ on their iPhone or iPad.Fitness+ 1 month trial message

Apple Watch fans will be happy to know that Apple has started sending out the 3-month trial notifications by mail this morning.3 months free Apple Fitness+

Similarly, Best Buy customers should see an email with a 6-month free trial code soon. We reached out to BestBuy yesterday and were told that those emails should start going out today.

Once you sign up for the Fitness+ trial and set it up for yourself and other users in your family, you can give it a try.

Where to Find Fitness+

  • For Apple Watch users, Fitness+ is a new tab in the Fitness app on iPhone. 
  • The Fitness app on Apple TV automatically appears once users upgrade to tvOS 14.3.

Happy Fitness+ action to all of you who were waiting for the extended free trial offers!


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