Get to know the 21 Apple Fitness+ trainers who get your fitness goals back on track in 2021

trainers featured in Apple Fitness+

They say every year feels like “the worst ever.” But let’s be real, can anybody deny that 2020 was disastrous for our waistlines?

Whether it’s watching Netflix, overeating, anxiety, boredom, or staring at the ceiling, there’s not a lot you can do during the pandemic.

Sure, depending on your local regulations, you might be able to go to the gym–often, that gym is outdoors!

But if you didn’t love working out in a crowded room full of sweaty and panting strangers before COVID-19, you’re NOT loving it now!

Luckily for us, Apple fitness+ is launching over the holidays, giving us the chance to keep our New Year resolutions to get back in shape!

Apple Fitness+ trainers in group for launch

But who are these Apple Fitness+ trainers, and are they as good as they claim?

We did a bit of research and found tons of interesting things about them. So keep reading below to meet the bunch!

Do your own research or learn even more about the current Apple Fitness+ trainers visit Apple’s Fitness+ Instagram page.

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Betina Gozo for strength and core trainingretina gozo apple fitness+

Focus: Strength • Core 

At first glance, Betina Gozo looks like your average LA girl. However, take a closer look, and you’ll see that this proud Boricua has all the makings of a modern renaissance woman.

From an early age, Betina became involved in all kinds of cultural activities such as theatre, dance, jazz band, and musicals. But things changed for her when she met the true love of her life: endorphins. 

Betina is a Nike Master Trainer with a passion for strength and is soon to debut in Apple Fitness+ elite team.

On any given day, LA residents can find this self-professed endorphin addict performing guitar, doing gymnastics in the park, or raising money and awareness for people with mental and physical disabilities in Kenya.

Josh Crosby for rowing josh crosby apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Rowing

As an athlete, Josh Crosby is in a league of his own. Born into a family of rowers, Josh first hit the waters when he was 8, became a part of the national rowing team, and retired after winning several World Championships.

But while John has earned enough accolades to fill a room, his biggest passion in life is teaching.

Always the team player and inspired by indoor cycling success, Crosby founded Indo-Row in 2004, hoping to bring the benefits of indoor rowing to everybody.

And so far, it seems he’s on the right path because his classes bring together people aged 10-94 in nearly 75 locations worldwide.

Anja Garcia for rowing anja garcia apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Rowing

Mother, nurse, former collegiate gymnast for UC Berkeley, and now a certified Nike trainer, Anja Garcia is dedicated to helping others to become the healthiest version of themselves they can be. 

When she isn’t caring for her 1-year-old, Anja likes to make people sweat on platforms like Nike Training Platform and iFit, where she has led the rowing team to the finish line for the past three years.

A big believer in ‘prevention is better than cure,’ Anja lives in LA, where she works as a pediatric nurse while caring for her family of four (two dogs included) and teaches fitness on the side.

Gregg Cook for cycling, strength training, core, and mindful cooldowngregg cook apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Cycling • Strength • Core • Mindful Cooldown

A real fitness handyman, Gregg is the only Apple Fitness+ trainer who’ll teach four different workouts.

Now I know that sounds like a lot for you and me, but it’s just another walk in the park for Gregg. 

Still chiseled and looking like a stud at 50, Gregg believes his secret is intermittent fasting and walking (or should I say cycling?) encyclopedia on the subject.

However, the long hours of cycling and strength training — Gregg can still deadlift over 400lbs and squat over 315 — certainly didn’t hurt. 

A loving husband and father, Gregg still finds the time to cycle and teach others the benefits of improving their breathing and mobility every day.

Bakari Williams for cycling, HIIT, and Core baker williams apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Cycling • HIIT • Core

Self-described night owl and elite athlete Bakari Williams is a man who knows how to enjoy life.

Born in Danville, Virginia, Bakari grew up loving sports and became a Division I soccer player in college — where he studied Psychology and Dance. 

After working as a personal trainer in Queens, NYC for many years, Bakari moved to Santa Monica, California, and hasn’t stopped reaping success ever since.

When he isn’t helping his online fans achieve their fitness goals, Bakari likes to hit the dance floor and bust out moves that would shame John Travolta.

Sherica Holmon for cycling sherica holman apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Cycling

Born into an Air Force family in Angeles City Manila, Philippines, Sherica grew up playing sports and collecting stamps in her passport.

Sherica’s started her fitness journey in the high school track team and ran all her way to college at the University of Idaho. 

Sherica firmly believes that the best way to get fit is finding something you love — though I wonder what that says about some of my gamer friends.

Whether it’s cycling, doing hot yoga, or strength training, she’s always studying new ways to stay in shape.

That’s why she still hits the sidewalks regularly and leads Apple Fitness+ cycling class to the finish line. 

Jhon Gonzalez for dance Jhon Gonzalez apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Dance

Fit, tan, and outgoing, Jhon Gonzalez fits well the image of a salsa teacher.

Growing up in Colombia, Jhon had a passion for dancing, and a few years later managed to make his dream a reality by becoming a Zumba instructor in Miami, Florida. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “I’ll never be as good a dancer as Jhon.”

But don’t worry because Jhon’s classes break the mold about dancing lessons.

That’s because John focuses on building connections and helping you unwind instead of repeating near impossible dance moves. 

Today, he works as a salsa teacher in LA, and when he isn’t indulging in pizza and chicken wings, he’s burning all those calories on the dance floor with a big smile on his face. 

Dustin Brown for yoga and mindful cooldownDustin Brown apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Yoga • Mindful Cooldown

Dustin Brown is a man of many talents.

A muscular surfer who’s also passionate about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and yoga, Dustin can stand on one hand while guillotining you with the other.

Luckily for us, Dustin is a chill guy who is into Vedic meditation and the pursuit of wellness. 

Dustin is convinced that yoga can help his pupils become more confident, humble, and healthy.

His teaching style mixes different systems with a focus on increasing recovery and mindfulness.

Though originally from Hawaii, he now lives in Santa Monica, California, with his wife.

Jessica Skye for yoga and mindful cooldownJessica Skye apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Yoga • Mindful Cooldown

Yogi by day and DJ by night, London-based Jessica Skye changes between trappings seamlessly as she helps people leave their stress on the yoga mat or dance floor.

In 2013, Jessica founded Fat Buddha Yoga (FBY), a yoga studio that fuses her love for music and fitness. 

Since then, FBY has become a go-to destination for fitness enthusiasts who work out in places as varied as rooftops and high-end hotels.

FBY continues to attract people who prefer Jessica’s unique blend of yoga and music over the elitist, pretentious ambient so familiar in yoga studios today.

Jamie-Ray Hartshorne for treadmill and HIIT Jamie-Ray Hartshorne apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Treadmill • HIIT

When it comes to Jamie-Ray Hartshorne’s background, let’s say he’s been around a lot.

Jamie took his first steps into the fitness world as a professional dancer in a small town in the UK. 

Eventually, his talent brought this small-town boy into London’s prestigious West End theatre and finally into LA.

And just in case anyone got smart with him, Jamie trained and became a professional Muay Thai fighter in Thailand.

When he isn’t killing the dance floor or roundhouse-kicking his opponents, Jamie is a HIIT fan who enjoys pushing his heart rate to the limit.

Molly Fox for yoga and strength training Molly Fox apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Yoga • Strength

Not one to follow fitness fads, Molly Fox is a leader who’s been in the fitness industry since 1979.

After leaving Jane Fonda’s Workout studio, Molly opened her studio in New York for 14 years.

Today, she’s still growing strong and taking every opportunity modern technology gives her to spread yoga benefits to her students.

Tyrell Désean for cycling Tyrell Desean apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Cycling

Born in New York City, Tyrell Désean discovered his love for cycling and teaching while living in the Big Apple and has never stopped pedaling since.

After moving to Toronto and working as a Soul Cycle trainer, Tyrell settled down in LA, where the theater and dance scene perfectly fits his outgoing personality.

Kym Perfetto for cycling Kym Perfetto apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Cycling

When Kym Perfetto began walking on a treadmill in college, all she wanted was an easy way to concentrate.

Eventually, her treadmill sessions became full-sized cycling expeditions across Europe, Japan, and The Americas.

Kym’s passion for cycling led her to found Soul Cycle, which currently has 90 locations across the country, and run a popular YouTube channel where she gives practical road advice to cyclists of all skill levels.

LaShawn Jones for dance LaShawn Jones apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Dance

LaShawn Jones started taking jazz, tap, and ballet lessons when she was 3. Since then, she’s never stopped developing as a dancer and choreographer.

Though she has a master’s degree in public health, LaShawn’s real passions are Hip Hop and Zumba.

She has worked for prestigious dance associations, like the National Dance Alliance.

And LaShawn’s Urban Attitude classes appeared on many network shows, like Good Morning America and The Today Show.

Kyle Ardill for strength training and core apple fitness+ trainer Kyle Ardill

Focus: Strength • Core

With his burly physique and distinct Toronto accent, Kyle Ardill looks like a real-life Canadian superhero.

His love for strength training is genuine and has led him to become one of Toronto’s most famous coaches and co-found SWAT Health.

These days, though, you’re more likely to find him stacking plates in an LA gym or teaching others how to get healthier through Apple Fitness+.

Emily Fayette for cycling and treadmill Emily Fayette apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Cycling • Treadmill

Emily is an accomplished cyclist and long-distance runner.

A loving wife and mother, she bounced back from her pregnancy to score a 2:55 marathon pace.

Her goals don’t stop there, though, because Emily still aims for nothing less than qualifying for the Olympic trials.

In the meantime, she continues her fitness trainer career and enjoys life with her beautiful family. 

Kim Ngo for HIIT Kim Ngo apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: HIIT

A former math teacher and accountant, Kim found her true passion in the fitness industry.

Not only has she worked as a master trainer for 1Rebel Gyms in her native London, UK, but she also runs her own fitness clothing company (Food & Lycra).

Kim has a strong sense of belonging and is proud of her British-Vietnamese ancestry, Nike Masters Trainer membership, and local fitness community.

Sam Sanchez for treadmill, core, and strength training Sam Sanchez apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Treadmill • Core • Strength

Born and raised in Miami, Sam grew up dancing salsa.

When she was 15, she joined a gym and immediately fell in love with indoor cycling and running.

Since then, her love for everything fitness has left her with extensive strength training, CrossFit, and group fitness.

She now lives in LA, where she pursues her passion for health and education. 

Scott Carvin for treadmill Scott Carvin apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Treadmill

Born in New York City, Scott Carvin has a degree in kinesiology from the University of Tennessee, where he was part of the track team.

His experience as both a runner and a medical professional has led him to shape his training philosophy around therapy and recovery.

He has worked as a trainer and running coach for City Row and the Mile High Run Club.

Ben Allen for dance Ben Allen apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Dance

Like other ‘90s kids, Ben Allen got hooked on Hip Hop while he was growing up.

Tireless years of studying dance and choreography have taken Ben from living up bat mitzvahs into making appearances in music videos, movies, award shows, and live concerts.

Ben is also the creator of GROOV3, a fun, comprehensive fitness class that uses Hip Hop to get people of all backgrounds in shape.

Amir Ekbatani for strength and core training Amir Ekbatani apple fitness+ trainer

Focus: Strength • Core

Amir Ekbatani lost part of his left leg after being hit by a van in 2012.

Still, that hasn’t stopped this ex-UCLA football player from enjoying life to the fullest.

When Amir isn’t making music or playing with his two puppies, he sculpts his chiseled physique and shares strength training tips with his clients.

So what does it takes to become an Apple Fitness+ instructor?

Apple Fitness+ instructors are no joke.

The company filtered its candidates with a pickiness that would make the late Steve Jobs proud.

There are no rookies, meatheads, or gym rats in the ranks of Apple Fitness+ but instead proven professionals representing their fields’ best

Apple Fitness+ employs remarkable people from all walks of life. Fitness+ smart workout suggestions and recommendations

Many are elite athletes who played in college (Bakari Williams), have won World Championships (Josh Crosby), or are veterans of the industry with a lifetime of fitness knowledge (Molly Fox).

Whether they have college degrees, like Anja Garcia (nursing) and Scott Carvin (Kinesiology), or have earned the prestigious Nike Master Trainers certification, like Betina Gozo and Kim Ngo, Apple Fitness+ instructors have a high level of education.

There’s more to being an Apple Fitness+ trainer than looking good in a bikini or having the technical know-how. Apple Fitness+ on watch and iPhone

Whether they are successful entrepreneurs running their fitness programs (Ben Allen), remarkable individuals helping others achieve happiness through fitness (Amir Ekbatani), or artists letting their creativity run loose when choosing the best music for your workout and dance routines (Jessica Skye), each trainer inspires you to achieve greatness!

So, there you have it.

Apple Fitness+ trainers are an extraordinary group. There’s no doubt about it.

What matters is that each instructor has made it through endless screenings and brings customized training using your Apple Watch and your iPhone’s, iPad’s, or Apple TV’s screen near you.

So make sure you visit the Apple Fitness+ page, subscribe, and get the help you need to achieve your fitness goals today.


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