Apple’s Health App adds new ’Symptoms’ in iOS 13.6

iOS Health app symptoms

Apple released a new iOS update, iOS 13.6, to its developers today. In this latest update, Apple has updated the app to include a brand new section that expands around health-related symptoms. This was not available in prior iOS releases.

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Check your symptoms using the Apple Health App

The latest update to the health app settings now include symptoms associated with various illnesses such as body and muscle aches, coughing, coughing, appetite changes, dizziness, fainting, headache, nausea, and more. list of symptoms for Apple Health app

All the new symptoms listed in the app come with a description and allow entry options based on the symptom in question, with options to add details like Severe, Moderate, Mild, Present, or Not Present for an associated symptom.

Apple continues to expand into health monitoring

In the last major iOS upgrade, Apple had revamped the Health app to include symptoms related to menstruation but this general symptoms list included in the new iOS 13.6 suggest that Apple is thinking beyond an individual health issue.

It’s too early to tell if this is aligned with some sort of self-diagnosis future feature or if Apple is thinking about slowly expanding into telehealth related services.

medisafe pill reminder app

If you are new to the Health app, and exploring the features, you might also consider testing out the thrid-party app ‘Medisafe‘.

This pill reminder app works with your iPhone’s built-in Health app and provides a great user experience when it comes to tracking medication management.

Medisafe also provides you with expansive details about crucial drug interactions. The app works well both on your iPhone and your Apple Watch.

Your iPhone and your personal health record

The changes to the Health app come in time as Apple rolls out its iOS health records feature worldwide starting with the UK.

Users in the UK noticed the message on their iPhone in April 2019. The list of institutions using Apple’s health record feature continues to grow.


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