Top 5 iPhone Health Apps that need your attention

Top 5 iPhone Health Apps That Need Your Attention

With all of the iPhone health apps available, I find it challenging to sort through the mountain of helpful programs to decide which ones work best for my life. And I’m guessing I’m not alone…

If you also find it challenging, this article is for you. I’ve looked at a bunch of the top-rated apps and whittled it down to a shortlist. So check out our top 5 apps for health!

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Our top (and favorite) health apps that everyone should pay attention to

As the saying loosely goes, there truly is an app for everything these days, especially when it comes to all facets of health.

With a few simple taps of a screen, we have the opportunity to track our diets, our sleep patterns, a variety of health conditions, our exercise activity, and more.

Our phones now serve as devices that record and track all of our personalized health data and help us make sense of the numbers in a meaningful way.

We can then use this information to lose weight, reach a fitness goal, sleep better, stress less, and become much healthier individuals overall.

If you are looking to start or continue tracking your health using the best iPhone health apps, there are some exceptional apps available.

Need some solid recommendations for your next health app download? Take a look at the top five iPhone health apps that need your attention.

1. Charity Miles

Serving as not only a tracking tool for your running, walking, and biking activity, each workout you complete while using this app raises money for charity. iPhone screenshots of charity miles app

What makes this fabulous concept even better is that you get to choose which charity you would like to raise money for before every workout.

On the list of available charities are many well-known and much-loved organizations. Charity Miles truly embodies their slogan “every mile matters.”

With over $2 million dollars raised so far for 40 charities, this app does far more than simply track your miles. Using Charity Miles as your physical activity tracker has the ability to help change the world for the better.

2. Sworkit

Need to take your workouts with you wherever you go?

If so, you will definitely want to check out the Sworkit Fitness & Workout App. Sworkit Fitness & Workout App  on iPhone

Sworkit allows you to choose the type of workout you would like to do (yoga, cardio, strength, or stretching), as well as set the time of your workout between five and 60 minutes.

Have only 10 minutes for cardio at the office gym? No problem.

30 minutes for yoga on vacation? This app can handle it.

When completing a workout, you can follow the on-screen personal trainer to ensure you are performing each move properly.

Advanced app users have the option to customize workouts, targeting problem areas in the time available.

For its convenience and ease, the Sworkit app can serve as your all-in-one workout program. No gym needed.

3. Sleep Cycle

If you have trouble sleeping, you aren’t alone!

These days it’s pretty ordinary to have difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep.

If you are taking steps to improve your sleep health, but aren’t seeing any results, it’s super frustrating.

One app that may be able to help you identify problem areas in your sleep pattern is Sleep Cycle. sleep cycle app for iPhone

By simply leaving your phone face down near your pillow while you sleep (as instructed in the app directions), you collect an incredible amount of personalized sleep data.

Sleep Cycle collects this data by using the motion sensors in your iPhone.

The app functions as an alarm clock, waking you up either at the exact time you select or within a range at the most optimal time in your sleep cycle.

After your first night of using Sleep Cycle, you can track the individual factors that increase and decrease sleep quality.

4. Headspace

To help calm the chaos of daily life, the Headspace app brings peace and quiet to you, wherever you are. iPhone Headspace app

This app allows you to select a customized guided meditation from one of the provided categories: foundation, sport, health, relationships, and performance.

Each category has specific guided meditations for various situations. For example, within the health category, users can choose a guided meditation to focus on concerns such as depression, stress, anxiety, sleep, or self-esteem.

Each session takes about 10 minutes, which makes it an effective way to re-focus, even for the busiest of schedules. Meditation has been found to relieve stress and anxiety, improve focus and concentration, and become more present.

5. Lose It! Calorie Counter

For some app-based weight loss assistance, the Lose It! app is phenomenal.

Keep track of your physical activity and meals in one place. What makes this app better than other, similar programs is the ease of tracking the nutrition data of each meal.

A built-in barcode scanner allows you to scan in numerous grocery items, rather than manually adding. iPhone app Lose It

Lose It! also allows you to search a database of grocery items.

Going to or getting take out from a restaurant instead of cooking at home? No problem!

You can also search for nutrition facts for foods at popular restaurants.

Beyond simply tracking calories and exercise, Lose It! offers social features, making it effortless to reach out to your friends and family for a boost of motivation.

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