LiveTrack not working on Garmin smartwatch? Check these tips

Garmin LiveTrack not working correctly

Some users have found that their Garmin watch does not work when using the LiveTrack feature. The unit sends the notification but it returns with a ‘connection lost’ message. Most users facing this issue have to manually stop the LiveTrack feature after their ride.

LiveTrack, released sometime in 2015, essentially allows Garmin users to share real-time information from their rides or other activities with friends and family. The feature is useful from a safety perspective for users who ride alone.

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If you using your Garmin smartwatch and unable to use the LiveTrack features, here are some pointers that should help you fix the issue.

LiveTrack not working on Garmin livetrack icon on Garmin Connect app

  1. The Basics around Garmin communications setup

    • Make sure that your GPS system on your Garmin unit is actually working in that you do have a strong GPS signal. In the absence of a decent GPS signal, the LiveTrack feature may not perform well
    • Since LiveTrack uses the Garmin Connect feature via your iPhone or Android device, make sure that you have installed and enabled it on your device. Then in Garmin Connect go to More > Settings > App Authorization > Localization > turn on. Settings in Garmin Connect app
    • On your iPhone, open the Garmin Connect App, tap on More on the left corner, Select Devices, and make sure you have enabled the device here.  Toggle the Autostart feature on/offLiveTrack feature on Garmin
    • Lastly, check the cellular signal strength on your mobile device. Do you have a strong signal? In the case of a weak signal, LiveTrack may not be able to display the correct location information
    • If you are using multiple Garmin devices, all connected to the same mobile device via the Garmin connect app, make sure that you are using the right one under devices in the LiveTrack settings. Then, start LiveTrack manuallystart live track feature on garmin
    • Try toggling on the Garmin Connect app’s Device Connection Aid to troubleshoot the connection between the Garmin unit and your mobile. Go to Settings > Tech Details > Device Connection Aid garmin connect app's device connection aid feature
    • A reset network on your device (iPhone via the settings app) can be handy as well. Reconnect Bluetooth after the reset and try out LiveTrack.
  1. Unpair and Repair your Garmin device with your mobile

      • In order to un-pair your Garmin Smartwatch from your iPhone, Open the Garmin Connect app on your iPhone
      • Select More, scroll down and choose the Garmin device
      • Select Remove device and confirm when the popup appears
      • Now that you have unpaired the Garmin device from Garmin Connect app, exit out of the app and restart your iPhone
      • Using Garmin Connect, re-pair your Garmin device to your iPhone
      • Check if LiveTrack feature is working correctly
  1. Try Disabling Wi-fi on your mobile before starting your activity

      • Some users found that when they disable wi-fi on their iPhone, the LiveTrackfeature works better
      • Open Settings app on your iPhone, tap on Wi-Fi, and switch it off
      • Check if LiveTrack feature works as desired
  1. Check for App updates for Garmin Connect.

      • Are you using the latest Garmin Connect app? If not you may have to update the app on your iPhone or Android device
      • After updating, restart your mobile device
      • Check if LiveTrack works better
  1. Lastly, check the current version of Live Connect you are using.

    • Many users have found issues with the Live Connect feature on app versions 4.30 and 4.31 as of writing this post. These users found success by downgrading the app to version 4.29. You can delete the app from your iPhone.

Following deletion, go to the apkmirror site, and download version 4.29 onto your device using the directions and try LiveTrack following the update.

We hope that you were able to fix the LiveTrack feature on your Garmin device using some of these tips. Please let us know using the comments if there was a particular step or steps that did the trick for you.

Feel free to share if you had success by using other ideas and we will add it to the post.

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