Austrian Apple Watch users can now download their Covid vaccine certificates as QR code

Apple Watch users in Austria can download their vaccination certificates from the government site. 

The vaccination code incorporates a QR code which can be checked for validity using the Austrian Health site for the Federal Ministry of social affairs, health, care, and consumer protection. 

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The authorities are making QR codes available for both regular folks and people working in frontline occupations.

covid vaccine certificate in Apple Wallet
Users download vaccine certificates and verify their QR code with govt. site

There is, however, no straightforward way to download it from here into your Apple Wallet so it can be shown on your Apple Watch.

Enter developer Fabian Pemminger and his site that is helping many users easily transfer the vaccine certificate into iOS Wallet and Apple Watch using a clever workaround.

1. First, users download their vaccination certificate on their mobile phone from the government site,

2. Next, they will need to upload the certificate to developer’s website 

3. The site converts it into an Apple Wallet-friendly QR code, and users can download the Green Pass on their mobile phones.

We are unsure how the privacy issues are being handled in this process since the developer is filling the intermediary role.  We have reached out to Fabian to learn more about his process.

On the Apple Watch, the QR code can be displayed like the existing payment cards. Download EU Covid vaccine certificate into iOS or Android

Users are requested to hold onto the PDF copy of their vaccination certificate on their mobile phone since QR scan verification may not be available in all places requiring vaccination verification.

A small disadvantage, the QR code is too detailed for the small Apple Watch models. Here only the mobile phone remains for display.

This tool is handy for folks traveling in Europe this summer as it lets users save their EU Digital COVID certificate right on their iPhones and Apple Watch. Android phone users in Austria can also follow the developer’s process to download the digital vaccine certificate.

During WWDC this year, Apple had mentioned that there would be a provision in iOS so that users can upload their vaccination certificates into their iOS wallet. We haven’t yet seen actual directives from state governments around how this process will be rolled out in the US.

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