Check these settings on your Apple Watch to help Siri access your health data

Workouts app on Apple Watch

Apple released the latest watchOS 10.2 this week. One of the key new features is Siri’s ability to access your health data. This feature allows Apple Watch users to use Siri to quickly read out the number of steps for that day or quickly check other information such as heart rate and more. 

There are a number of settings that determine if this feature will work correctly on your Apple Watch.

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Although the watchOS 10.2 update is out, the Siri Health data feature seems to be operating only in the US region at the moment. There are reports that the feature is also available for Chinese users. 

Siri not accessing health data 

Here are the main settings that you should double-check if Siri is unable to access health data on your Apple Watch.

  1. Start by opening the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Next, scroll down locate Health, and tap on it
  3. Tap on ‘Data access and Devices’ and choose SiriHealth data access for Siri
  4. Enable ‘Access Health Data’ hereSiri Unable to access Health Data

Apart from the specific Health / Siri settings described above, you may also want to make sure that the Siri language is pointing to the correct entry. Make sure your Siri language is set to “English (USA)” (only this language and Chinese (Mandarin) support the new health feature) at the moment. 

You can also write health entries using Siri and Apple Watch using this new feature. This is important for users who may use, for example, a Blood Pressure device that doesn’t integrate with Apple Health. In this case, you can dictate the entry on your Apple watch. 

The other new feature that Apple introduced in the latest Watch update is the new Journal app.

Hopefully, the new Siri Health access feature on the Apple Watch will soon be rolling out globally to more regions.


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