Where is Clear all Notifications feature on watchOS 7

Clear all notifications feature on watchOS 7

Apple’s new watchOS 7 update has removed the familiar long-press or Force tap feature from the Apple Watch. This used to be one of the most common ways for users to clear all notifications from their Apple Watch screen.

With watchOS 7 and Apple Watch Series 5 and older models, now you have to scroll all the way to the top of your Apple Watch screen to clear all notifications.


Clear All Notifications on watchOS 7

To view missed notifications on your Apple Watch, Swipe down on the Apple watch face and it will bring up your notifications.

The ‘Clear All’ is now made available at the top of the Notification screen. Unfortunately, you will have to scroll to the top of the screen for accessing this.

You can use the digital crown on your Apple Watch and scroll up to the top of the screen or tap on the top of your Apple watch and it automatically brings you to the top of the screen.Clear all notifications on watchOS 7

From here, ‘Tap on Clear All’ and this will remove all your Notifications on Apple Watch.

When you swipe down again on the face you should see the familiar ‘No Notifications’ message.

For some reason, if you are unable to see the red dot at the top of your Apple Watch screen, indicating you have new notifications, check your settings.

Open Apple Watch settings on your watch, tap on Notifications, and ensure that ‘Notifications Indicator’ is turned on here.

When your Apple Watch locks or you turn on Do Not Disturb, your notifications go to your iPhone. For third-party apps, notifications are delivered only if your paired iPhone is also connected to a network. If your notifications are missing or do not appear on your Apple Watch, check this Apple Support article for additional details.

Use Always Show Shortlooks notification feature on watchOS 7

While in the notification settings here on your Apple Watch, you can also enable ‘Always Show Short Looks’. This will make sure that notification snippets will show up on your Apple Watch when it’s on your wrist even if your Apple Watch is locked.watchOS Always show short looks notifications

This is a new feature on watchOS 7 and was not available in older watchOS

We have seen this before. When Apple decides to remove force-touch related functions on devices, we have to learn new ways to access features or functions.

Although annoying, we will hopefully get used to the new way of clearing notifications on Apple Watch or Apple may make changes and bring the old way back again if there is a lot of feedback from users who are annoyed with this new change.

This change could also mean that there are some new Display related changes coming to the new Apple Watch Series 6 when it is launched later this fall. Only time will tell.

What are some of the new watchOS 7 features that you like on your Apple Watch?

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