Epson announces new AR based Smartglasses starting at $579

Epson AR Smartglasses

Epson America just announced details of the next generation of Moverio augmented reality smart glasses.

Featuring a wider field of view, Full HD 1080p display resolution, high contrast, and improved connectivity. The new Moverio augmented reality smart glasses target segments such as industrial field service and front line applications like remote assistance and accessibility usage scenarios.

Specs for Epson’s AR Moverio glasses

An up to  500,000:1 contrast ratio allows unused display space to appear transparent, and an improved aesthetic design offers glasses-style form factor and optional dark shades. The binocular design offers a see-through Si-OLED display.

The USB Type-C connectivity allows these A/R Smartglasses to work with most smartphones, tablets, and computers easily.

With a large, high-resolution second display only viewable by the wearer, the Moverio BT-40 is ideal for business users working from home, at the office, and in public spaces, where privacy and comfort are essential.

The new Moverio BT-40S also includes the option of an Intelligent Controller running Android™ 9.0 that supports Google Mobile Services (GMS) for custom software integration.

The Moverio A/R smart glasses come with a 13-MP autofocus camera, noise-canceling microphone, and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to five hours between charges.

Availablity and price

The new AR Smartglasses will be available starting Q2 on Amazon and Epson’s distribution. The Moverio BT-40 is priced at $579, and the BT-40S model is priced starting at $999.

Smartglasses are slowly picking up traction in the wearables segment. Besides Amazon’s echo frames, other tech leaders such as Apple and Samsung are rumored to be working on a new smart glasses line featuring augmented reality.

Facense, an Israeli tech company, already has developed a smart glass-based platform that can help with various biomonitoring applications such as blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring.

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